Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Goals

I started this blog in March-ish of 2015, which means I'm so close to a year! Isn't it crazy how time flies? Something that I've never done before (that I remember anyway...) is blog goals! So for the next three months I'm going to try to implement these three things throughout my blogging life. What are your goals for 2016?

Blog Goals

1. Post at least once a week.
Now I know that once a week seems kind of ridiculous, but with student teaching, work, class, sleep, life, breathing, etc... life gets busy. If I can post more than that, yay, if I can't but still post one, I won't feel too bad about it.

2. Spend time reading others' blogs and commenting!
It might seem like I never read any other blogs in the entire world, but I do. I've just been terrible about commenting lately. So, for the next few months I really want to try and comment on every single blog post I read. Wish me luck.

3. Sponsor/Interact
I really want to get involved in the blogging community more: buying ads, writing guest posts, co-hosting a swap... I haven't really narrowed it down. I'm open to anything I suppose. I've just felt really disconnected lately which is sad.

Personal Goals

1. Focus on the positive
Last term was a tough one. I'm hoping that with the more familiar schedule this term and implementing some personal health rituals (i.e. in bed by 11pm every night, eating breakfast every morning, etc.) I'll be able to have a much better term.

2. Have some sort of a plan lined up for next year
I don't want to define this too much, because any plan is ultimately up to God. But, I'd like to have some sort of idea about what I'm doing next year: Masters Degree? Working? Where I'm living? Something.

3.Have some sort of 'yay you survived college' celebration planned
I'd love to go back go Hawaii (shoutout to that picture from last Spring Break for this post header), go to a concert, or do something fun to celebrate graduating. Even something little would be amazing! We'll see how that goes. :)

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