Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Recap

Well hey there! I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine! I feel like I took a week-long break from life (and in a way I guess I did) so it's weird to be back at school. Mainly because my house is zero degrees and the heaters aren't making a dent in how numb my toes are right now. Parents' house is warm and toasty, school house is a hollowed out ice cube. Fact.

I spent Thanksgiving with my mom's family. Usually we have a huge (about 30 people in total) dinner at someone's house, but mom and the aunts wanted a break from cooking this year so we went out to eat at a lodge. I wish I'd taken more pictures that were blog-worthy. It was so cute and so fun. Best part- no dishes to clean up!

That night since everyone had way too much energy we went Black Friday (although lets be real, it starts on like Wednesday nowadays) shopping. We planned to go out for a few hours but it turned into a shopping marathon. No joke. We started at 7pm on Thursday, shopped without stopping until 9:30am, then aunt and grandma gave up and went home. So mom and I went home and looked through our stuff then went back out to return/exchange some things and shopped until 1pm. Took a horse riding break and thennnn (we're crazy people I tell ya) went back out with my brother for a few hours on Friday night. We logged 27,000 steps throughout the shenanigans.

My feet hurt.

So, all in all even with 18 hours or so of shopping I only really bought some small gifts for my roommates (we'll share later, don't want them to find out!) and some black skinnies and the cutest flats from Macys I've ever seen in my life. Plus, they're only $30 now because of Cyber Monday AND you get free shipping.

Time to sit here and look over all of the blogging I missed and chug hot chocolate until I'm a normal temperature again. 

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you shop?

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