Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shows I Can't Stop Watching Lately

Keeping it simple for this one, because Turkey week is a crazy week. But, even during crazy weeks sometimes you just have to watch some comfort tv. My comfort tv? These shows.

1. Switched at Birth
Even though I can't easily watch this one anymore since I don't have cable at my school house, it's still a favorite when I can catch up. It's a teeny bopper show, but I recommend it.

2. Friends. Always Friends.
I don't even need an explanation for this one.

3. Jane the Virgin.
Because it's hilarious and nothing like what I was expecting.

4. Young & Hungry
Ry and I watch this one. Something about Emily Osment just makes me laugh every time. It's a good one.

5. Heartland.
This is a family show that's filmed in Canada about a girl who trains horses, and I've watched it since I was probably 14. But it's so good!

What're your favorites to watch? Share! :)

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