Monday, November 16, 2015


"I used to think that every person in the world was good, and that some just made bad decisions, but this world makes that hard to believe."

I spent Friday student teaching and in class so I didn't have the chance to pay attention to the news, So when I got in the car at the end of the day and Ry asked me if I'd heard about Paris I was confused about what he was talking about. "Paris? What happened in Paris?" I looked at my phone and spent most of the ride reading articles about what had happened. The first thing I thought was the quote I started this post with.

A younger-Sammy used to think that every person in the entire world was good, and that every one was deep down a very good person. Everyone on the street. This is probably from growing up in a small town sheltered community, and from being a young person with child-like trust that all of the bad things couldn't happen to me, because bad things only happened really far away.

Now that I've grown up and the things that I thought could 'never happen to me' are now happening all around me, the world makes it hard to believe that everyone is good. Because if everyone were good then people wouldn't cause harm to other people. If everyone were good then these senseless acts wouldn't keep happening at concerts, at soccer games, in schools, and at work.

I don't understand why people make the choices they do, or why these things happen at all. And I don't think that anyone will ever understand. But what I do understand is that this world needs more love and more light. In good times and in bad, love your neighbors, love your enemies, just spread God's grace all around. Because now more than ever before, this world needs love.

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