Monday, November 23, 2015

My Dream Classroom

As a teacher (well, future teacher) I'm always snagging ideas. Every time I walk into someone's classroom I'm mentally remembering all of the adorable things I love. My mentor teachers have a pretty cute room and some pretty adorable lessons. For example, the kiddos are learning about the pilgrims and the colonies so our class has been divided into groups and each group has to earn pounds ($) from the queen (my mentor teacher) and the princess (oh hey, that's me!) for doing good things. And then they can pay for their group to send their ship across the ocean, pay for food while on the ship, etc. It's super cute, and they're so engaged.

So, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest snagging ides for my future room. Here are some of those adorable ideas. Hopefully I can show inspiration and real-life classroom pictures of some of these from my own room someday. Someday soon.

To Display Kid Art/Notes

Sample picture

Sample picture

Kids love giving their teachers pictures and notes, and it's the most adorable thing ever. My mentor teachers just tape them on the wall, which is great, but I think this is so adorable and so clean and neat. I love it and I will do it.

Decorating/Making the Room Pretty!

Sample picture
I love love love this classroom. Favorite things? Everything. But especially that rug and the teacher work station and all of those colors. Can I live here?

Sample picture
Also love this, of course. Favorite things are definitely the green organizer baskets and that daily five font. So cute.

What was your favorite part about your elementary classrooms?

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