Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oh, kids...

"Are your nails fake?" x2 The first time this happened they were painted in a French manicure, but still my nails. The second time they were just pink...

"Is college food better than our school food?"
I told him that I either buy food or make it at my house myself, and then I have tons of leftovers since I can't eat it all. He didn't like the idea of making his own food.

"School isn't fun when you're not here."This one was just cute...

I wear a He>i John 3:30 bracelet daily... "What is John 3:30? Is John your boyfriend? Did you start dating at 3:30?" Ohhh this was hilarious. No, John is not my boyfriend, and no, we did not start dating at 3:30. This was very quickly followed by them asking what my boyfriend's name was... yikes.

Well, at least now you have some idea why I've been so absent from the blog lately. Just putting up with these little rascals... :) 

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