Monday, October 19, 2015

Maybe You're New Here

Hi there! I just felt like re-introducing myself to the blog. Sometimes that happens in life, ya know?
You get stuck in a rut and just feel like starting over. That's where I'm at I think.

So, welcome to The Happy Chalkboard! I'm Sammy, a sometimes super lazy and sometimes super energetic future teacher. I spend my days in the fifth grade student teaching, my afternoons working in an after school program, and my nights scrambling to finish homework and making dinner with my favorite person in the whole world - my boyfriend.

I love coffee, spending time with silly kiddos, horseback riding, baking, and shopping at boutiques. I don't have a niche, and I don't wanna. I've been writing this blog for about seven months now and I still feel very much like a baby blogger. My favorite posts are these ones, and you can read them if you wanna but I won't make you.

The most important thing I want you to know about me is that I love my life, and I'd love to learn about yours. What do we have in common? Comment or send me your favorite blog post. Anything! I wanna get to know you, my dear!

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