Friday, October 9, 2015

Lord, help me.

I'm writing this blog post from my little phone screen because my laptop is coming down with the same cold I have and has blue screened half a dozen times this hour alone.

So, in lieu of a blog post here's five things I need all of the good vibes and prayers you can muster up for.

1. That there's nothing seriously wrong with my laptop and that the tech guy can simply fix it today. 

2. That this cold im feeling coming on goes away, or isn't too bad.

3. Less stress about this whole term. I have to plan three lessons in three weeks and I am so lost in the process.

4. Sleep.

5. The ability to stay calm through the crazy and to keep recognizing the good things.

Thanks all. Happy Friday!

Update to add: I took my computer to the IT guy on campus (who told me that since I don't live on campus anymore he can't help me...) and he ran a few tests and found out... nothing. So, since they closed in ten minutes and I technically wasn't even helpable he told me to go home, see if it worked at home, and if it did or didn't to let him know. He said if it didn't he'd try to help me.

Which I so appreciate.

But, my laptop works at home (insert a million question marks here...) I'm not complaining. I just won't ever ever use my laptop at school. Ever.

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