Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

If I have time I'll link this post up with Stephanie for Two-sday. But I know myself, so who knows. 

This week (so far...) has been good! Our college group went on a retreat this weekend so I'm feeling a little sluggish, but one day in the books is a great motivator! 

Anyway, back to the two things!

One// Deviled eggs. 
These little buggers were difficult. My cousin loved making these for Easter and always made them look so easy. They tasted alright, but the consistency was all wrong. Oh well, next time I'll be better. 

Two// FALL!
I'm just really feeling the season change this week and I LOVE it. I'm a cold coffee girl, but I've been proudly toting my warm coffee around this week. 

That's me and Ryan at Starbucks (yay!) and me pre-work drinking a salted caramel mocha and a peppermint white mocha. Both were wonderful choices. 

Happy Tuesday!! 

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