Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Goodbye September...

I can't believe September is over already! I feel like it was just May last week and then bam! so many months have gone by. It kinda makes me sad, but I'm also super pumped because this year is going to be a crazy one. Student teaching and working andddd trying to have a life? I'm reaching for high goals, folks. But that's okay.

I think I'll keep it light today and just share a few links that have made me smile as of late.

1. This little girl telling her mom why her parents should stop being so ridiculous and just be nice to each other is the sweetest thing you'll find on the internet, I swear. I know a few other blogs have shared this but my goodness, she's so precious. I love kids and how sweet and innocent they are sometimes.

2. This, this, this... a million times, this. I've read a lot about blogger swaps and I think they're so cool! I really love the blogging community and who doesn't love great little gifts? Summer, over at Coffee with Summer, is hosting a... ready for it?... sweater swap. That's right, sweaters! Genius, I tell ya. The idea sounds so fun I want to start a swap of my own! Except, not sweaters and not this season because woah, holiday craziness. Seriously though, if anyone's interested in brainstorming something fun for the spring, I wanna be in on that!

3. This girl, because she wrote this post about being nervous about making new friends and the whole entire time I was thinking how silly that was because she's great. And her blog is great. And I know lots and lots of other people feel that way too. So, go check out her blog. :)

4. Also, I feel like everyone in the blogging world turned 24 this week... happy birthday to you if that's true in your life! : )

Have you seen any of these things or others? Let me know, I like happy. :)

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