Thursday, September 3, 2015

Things I've Loved Thursday

I've seen posts like this on other blogs, and I find them so interesting. I think it's so fun to see what other people are reading and enjoying out there. So, here's what I've been reading/watching/thinking about lately! Did you see it?

1// I'm really loving the personalized with handwriting jewelry floating around on etsy... I love handwriting and receiving notes, so I'm really thinking about getting something like this with something Ry's written, or something from my mom... so far I really like these designs here, and here but they're not exactly what I want so I'm gonna wait a little bit.

2// THIS Buzzfeed article about the struggle of being a pale girl. I feel you, Buzzfeed. I really do.

3// These jogger pants and this whole outfit that The Teacher Diva put together... even though I know that if I bought these pants they'd hurt my already empty wallet anddd probably would look like I was wearing pajamas, because that's how this sort of thing looks on me. Still wishing I could pull things like this off.

4// Kara and I got paired together for this really cool thing that's allowing bloggers to get to know each other better. It's like blogging penpals, I don't know how to describe it any better! Anyway, her blog is just the cutest thing in the whole world and she shared a post recently about her kitchen adventures as a college student that had me dying. We've all been there guys, read and reminisce.

5// Since I just left my job last Thursday (can't believe it's already been a week...) to come back to school, I've been thinking a lot about how many things I disliked (which is a natural thing we all go through sometimes with jobs) but also how much I feel like I grew from this whole summer. Even when it was rough, I knew I would make it out alive. Barely, but still alive. And one of the biggest things I feel that I've gained is that I was able to serve others even when it was hard, and even when I didn't feel like that serving was appreciated and well received, and I know that'll help me so much in the future. Anyway, this whole thought process had me thinking about this blog post I saw over at Simply Clarke about 10 verses on loving others. Check that out.

6// I've been really craving blogging community lately. I'm a member of the Peony Project, although I mainly use the Facebook group to read others posts and learn more about blogging. I also don't have time with my busy schedule (these last few days of nothing have been so so weird) to invest a lot of time in blogging right now, despite how much I love it. Posts like this one from Tiffany at endless bliss recently about a summer blogger box swap sound so so fun. I can't wait to adjust to my schedule and get into things like this!

7// With the school year coming up quick I can't wait to start packing school lunches again. I've been thinking about buying a cute lunch box, but then I saw this post over on simply love about bento box lunches. I like the idea of getting cute little separated containers and filling them with all of the food groups. Organization even at lunch time? Yes.

What've you been reading lately? Anything on your list that's also on mine? Let me know!

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