Sunday, September 27, 2015

Room Tour!

It's finally done! Not that I moved all of this in here myself (I'm a weakling, but this stuff is heavy!) Thank the Lord for stronger friends, and parents.
Because my school room is done.
 The missing mattress finally arrived. Everything is decorated. Life is good.
First, the door. Super exciting, I know. I love pictures and notes, and I love seeing happy things before I walk out the door. My door decs from RA life are up there, a note from the boyfriend, and then a heart collage of pictures of course.

I bought those little square wall art deals from Ross or TJMaxx for $5 each last year, the Faith wood sign from a local boutique, the side baskets were from TJ Maxx three years ago (yikes!) and the blue shelf (...for shoes...) was from the same boutique. I told you earlier, I have a problem with that place...

I got my bed, nightstands, and two dressers (one's in the closet and a mess right now...) for $300 from Craigslist. Whaaat? So proud of myself. Thank you random people for selling your furniture. Real wood furniture for that cheap? Woo!
Anyway, that's my really tiny school room.
I'm super grateful for it.

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