Monday, September 14, 2015

Meal Planning on a Monday

Lately, I've been really aware of the fact that my meals are often quick, last-minute thoughts. I grab whatever's closest and just eat. Bad, bad thing. So, I've been starting to really get serious about what I'm eating for meals. Snacks are another story... but intentional meals.

Surprisingly, I got Ry in on this business too. We've already started a list of foods that we want to make during the next year. Our plan is that we'll have tons of leftovers to stock both of our freezes and make late-night runs to DQ a thing of the past. Hopefully.

I think it'll also be helpful because I'll have long days at school and can have healthy grab and go choices on hand, and Ry has classes that span across dinnertime and the boy's gonna need food.

I got to thinking that I know some other bloggers I follow have talked about meal planning with their guys...  and I was wondering if any of you have tried-and-true tons of leftovers recipes you love and would be willing to share? Mattie, help a girl out? Anything's worth mentioning! I've attached a quick picture of the list we were jotting down via Facetime, but feel free to add even slight variations to what we already have!

Thank you in advance!

Also, #countdowntilRyancomeshome = 10 days!

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