Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's The Little Things...

I know I've said this half a billion times, but this summer was kinda a flop. So, in an effort to bring some positivity back to this dreary chalkboard, I'm gonna keep it simple today and share some things that have been going on despite all of the muck that have managed to make me oh so happy.

1// New bedding - My mom and I went to TJMaxx and found this comforter set for a great deal (I can't remember how much it actually cost right now. Anyway, it's coral, grey, and a light tan. I'm pairing it with dark brown accents and I can't wait to share my finished school house room.
2// Mocha - Of the six (yes, six...) kittens we had this summer, Mocha is the only one left. So we're keeping her! Our friends have some of the other kittens and it's strange how much smaller she is than them. We'll see if she grows, I hope not.
3// Free sundaes - I'm missing the ice cream love at my summer job, that's for sure.
4// Wedding! - I haven't shared much because I've been busy (and I feel like it isn't really my wedding to share...) but my best friend in the whole world got married a few weeks ago! I loved our bridesmaid dresses, and my hair! Pinterest for the win.
5// My new Lamborghini... - HA! Kidding. Found this gem while taking my parents on a surprise anniversary dinner (kidnapped my mom to get her hair and makeup done and planned coordinated outfits for the fam) I prefer trucks to cars 100%, but this thing is killin' it...

And last but not least, my sweetheart of a boyfriend who always cheers me up on the down days.
#CountdowntilRyancomeshome = NINE days!

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