Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Student Teacher OOTD

I MADE IT! I survived tests and homework and volunteer hours and applications for literally everything and all of the doubts and long days, and I'm student teaching in a real life classroom with real life fifth graders (not that anyone ever teaches in fake classrooms with fake students, that I know of...) starting tomorrow.

I'm not anywhere near being a fashion blogger.... There are probably people somewhere out there laughing at the idea of me blogging about fashion... because I can't.  I can't really do clothes things at all, but this is what I'm wearing for my very very first day ever meeting my fifth graders. And here are some very staged and not perfect pictures I took to document the moment.

Shirt - Forever 21, Slacks - Ross, Cardigan - Boutique, Shoes- Toms!
The school that I'm going to be teaching at is adorable, but the temperature in that building is all over the place. So, I'll probably wear a cardigan during the morning and then ditch that thing for the afternoon once it gets hotter. Side note, apparently cardigans make you do awkward things with your arms... who knew!

And everybody knows that fancy shoes are silly. Or at least I like to think they are. Dress shoes are great, but I can't chase fifth graders in them. So, Toms for the win.
Wish me luck, I'm gonna' need it.

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