Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blog Growth

Lately, I've been pretty discouraged about blogging. I'm tired and haven't been making as big of an effort as I could. But, today I looked at my blog numbers since I started in April and I'm honestly so proud. These numbers aren't the greatest, but they're mine. And maybe someday I'll look at them and be so proud of how they'll increase, but if not- I'm happy here.
The Happy Chalkboard Blog Growth
Page Views by Month
April 2015 - 27 views
May 2015 - 489 views
June 2015 - 297 views
July 2015 - 668 views
August 2015 - 1297 views
September 2015 - 797 views
October 2015- 657 views
November 2015- 401 views
December 2015 - 492 views
January 2016 - 943 views

Also, since we're talking about important numbers... only seven more days until Ry is back in Oregon and you'll never have to read another blog blurb from me about him being gone... at least until he leaves again.

Also, fingers crossed that I get this job I interviewed for yesterday... it's education relevant and everything! :)

Note: this post will be updated to show how the blog has grown, probably for forever... :)

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