Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Few Happy Things...

Happy Thursday! This week has been a crazy one, but I'm happy for the distraction because Ry flies home tonight. He won't be here until tomorrow morning, but still... the excitement right now is unreal. Also, I feel like I haven't been updating current life on here super well. Posts feel like they're... late? Like I post after the fact and not 'current' things? Maybe that's just me. Either way, here are some other random things that have made me happy this week (I mean, other than the fact that the boyfriend is coming home... have I mentioned that?)
First of all, wearing teacher clothes used to sound like a hard thing to do but I'm so surprised how easily I've been getting ready every morning. Amen for that. Also, getting my nails done for the first few weeks of school was a great idea (I got complimented by my students, yay!)
Also, I've discovered a new fave coffee shop in town and even though I was trying to give up coffee I've been going there on rough mornings. They're just so nice!

Random outfit for student teaching. I bought this skirt soooo long ago, and I'm happy I did! It was a solid outfit day, teachers noticed this skirt guys. I've made it.

Since Ry hasn't been in town I've been going home every weekend to see the family and ride my horse, which is great in itself. Buuuut my dad (being awesome and dadlike) has been bringing milkshakes on the hot days. Bless his soul.
Another random student teaching outfit. Again, teachers complimented guys. I'm surviving this thing! Also, I bought this shirt from H&M for like $10, and I want to go by a million more colors. It's one of the only button ups that doesn't feel like a tent. Yay for that.

There's this super cute boutique in town that I go to often, so often that I promised myself I wouldn't go in until I had a job and guess what I GOT THE JOB. I've spent a few days training (paid training...) and I start on Monday in an Education-related job that pays more than minimum wage and will work around my schedule. Thank you, God.
Anyway, since I got the job I let myself walk into the store for the first time in weeks. It'd been so long they completely rearranged everything... and I saw this sign and I love it. If it's still there the next time I go in, I might buy it. Maybe.
So that's what's new with me? How are you?

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