Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why You Should Write to Yourself

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I love notes and letters. I almost prefer someone taking the time to write me a note than them giving me any other gift. I just appreciate that it's something you can always look back on and remember the good times, and how people felt in a moment.

1. You can look back on how you felt in a moment/time. 

That's why I write letters to myself. It started in the 8th grade. Three friends and I wrote letters to ourselves to be opened before we graduated. It was really funny because we shared our (very typical) 8th grade concerns. Real life quote from mine... "I don't like _____, I hope he moves away." This sounds mean, but this person wasn't very nice to me. Real life 8th grade concerns, I tell ha. And yes, he did move away. 

2. You'll remember things you probably forgot

In my freshman year of college I also wrote a letter to myself to be opened when I graduate, and a letter to myself to be opened on my wedding day. I remember absolutely nothing about what I wrote in these so I'm super excited to see! (Only about 300 days to go for that grad one)

3. It's a surprise to yourself! And who doesn't love surprises you don't have to be scared about? 

I recently found a letter to open at the end of my junior year (I know, so random) but it also talked about my then-beginning relationship with Ry and how excited I was to get to know him better and see how our relationship was to go. Now that we've been dating for over nine months, I love that I have this! 

4. You can process your feelings. 
Writing lets you get all of your thoughts out and into the world. They don't have to be shared with the world, but they're out of your mind. And often that being closure. I've written notes to myself about how I should be treated, and when you're in a low spot, a reassuring note from happy you can help more than someone else telling you something. 

5. They're just so fun!
It's like Christmas year round! Try it, you won't be disappointed. 

6. You can see how God has worked. 
A blogger I follow, Stephanie, said she loves blogging because she can look back and clearly see what God was doing in her life. I struggle with seeing God in my day to day, but I couldn't agree more with her thought. I can see God's work when I turn around. Always. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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