Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap: Bridal Showers & Bathrooms

This weekend was really busy. On Saturday I prepped for my best friend's bridal shower (homemade potato salad and flower buying), on Sunday we held her actual shower and it was so cute! Love that girl to pieces. 

Awkward mirror selfie of my shower outfit. Side note to say my room is a mess (don't look!) and that this shirt from Catch Bliss Boutique is my favorite thing ever. 

An adorable countdown sign one of the other bridesmaids made. 

I've seen this wedding dress cupcake cake ALL OVER Pinterest, but the groom's cousin out this together in front of us in fifteen minutes and it was so cute. 

Loved the banner and the wagon wheels. Rustic weddings are my favorite. 

And this is completely unrelated because this bathroom has nothing to do with bridal showers or weddings (at all) I just saw it while looking at a house and think it's so beautiful. 

And that's how posts go with me, beautiful bridal showers and bathrooms. 

Happy Monday! 

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