Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I'm not sure about all of you (because I'm not you...) but I do not like to wait. I'm not talking about waiting for people to arrive, or waiting for someone to respond to a text, or even waiting for the dentist to come back while my mouth is full of dental contraptions. I don't like waiting for life. Is that weird? Am I alone?

I think the problem is that I know exactly what I want in life, at least for the big things, ask me to choose an ice cream flavor and I'll stare at the selections for three days before I can choose. But for life's big things- I know. And because I know I can't wait for those things to happen.  

I think that especially lately God has been testing the wait in me. And I'm getting impatient. But, I know it's for the good and I know He has a plan that's so much better for me than bulldozing my way through all of the patience stops in life. 

So I'm trying to consciously recognize this waiting struggle I'm having; and choosing to realize that the wait is for the better. I'm trying not to complain and to recognize how I'm growing instead. I'm trying not to focus on the future so much that I skip out on the now. 

Overall even though waiting isn't my favorite at all, I do appreciate that it's helping me see what God is working on in my life, something I don't always see so clearly. 

It'll all work out. 

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