Friday, August 21, 2015

Travel Bug

Today I'll be working on tons of finishing touches for my best friend's wedding (tomorrow, guys... it's TOMORROW!) And even though when this post is published my whole mind is probably going to be full of wedding thoughts, right now I'm just thinking about traveling.

I'm usually a home-body, I love being home and relaxing and if I do travel to anywhere it's not far away. Until last spring break, the farthest I'd been was one state away... and then I went to Hawaii and now I want to go everywhere. Pinterest doesn't help this, there are beautiful destination shots everywhere you look.

Eventually I'd love to travel outside of the US, but at this point there's so much of the US I haven't seen (particularly the east coast...) that I want to start there first. So, I've listed four destinations that have appealed to me throughout my random searching.

Have you been here? Do you know what makes it so so great other than being beautiful in the pictures? Let me know! But don't get me too excited, I have tuition to pay for before travel.

1. Charleston, South Carolina

I don't know what it is, but I really want to visit South Carolina. It just seems like a relaxed, beachy place to go. Also, this pineapple fountain is adorable and I want to see it in real life.

2.  Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod because it's coastal and looks cozy

3. Monterey Bay, California

If you're onto this whole coastal thing, you're right. I just want to go somewhere relaxed in the mountains with ocean views and a fireplace.

4. Catalina Island

This appeals to me because it's an island, still on the west coast, and it's beautiful!

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