Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pies for the Guys

Three things you need to know about me.

1. I love Jesus. 
2. Family and Ry mean the whole world to me. 
3. I love me some pie. 

Okay, that might not be accurate, but pie is a love of mine. There are just so many possibilities! So when I had a day to kill at the new house (and remembered I promised my friends a year ago that I'd make them a pie) I decided the time to bake was now!

In a new kitchen there's not a lot on hand, but we had sugar. And we had corn starch (two boxes actually... Huh?) so I ran to the store to get pie pans, crusts (usually homemade, but again- no stuff), and frozen berries. 

I wasn't planning for it to go as well as it did! But a few hours later and bam! Two berry pies. One for friends and one for... Me. And Ry. Maybe I'll share. 

I used this recipe from the back of the berries (already destined for greatness) and only altered it by adding a tad more corn starch to the berries and dusting the bottom crust too. 

I haven't been baking a lot lately because of my busy schedule, but I love baking so much. When I told Ry I was working on a surprise for him his first guess was that j was baking a pie. I don't know how, either I'm an open book or that guy just gets me. 

What're your favorite pie recipes? 

Now that I've tempted you with pie, I'm working on a health kick post for Thursday that will help motivate us all to actually stick to the goals I've made every week for the last two years (tomorrow will be the day I run...) Check back for that!

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