Friday, August 7, 2015

Month Nine

Today I'm linking up with Life in Leggings for Friday Favorites. and The Diary of a Real Housewife for (also) Friday Favorites.  Wednesday marked nine months of dating for Ry and I, and I couldn't be happier. The day was a pretty boring one to start out because even though I went up to visit him, he has to work all day long. But, I unpacked a little, went to the store to get supplies for dinner, and then waited. For a lot of hours. 

When he was finally (finally!) off work we had to go to Best Buy to have his laptop looked at before they closed and afterwards we quickly hurried home because we were hangry. 

We've cooked together before, but this night was just so fun. Ry got all fancy and wanted to add more spices to the Tomato sauce which turned out to be a great idea, and we just watched our favorite show and spent some long overdue quality time together. 

Spaghetti, Newmans tomato sauce (with added spices by Ry), French cheesy bread, Caesar salad, and the cutest little flowers ever! 

We love friends a little too much...

These mini sunflowers made my heart so happy!

We spent the rest of the night talking about our relationship and how we can better our 'us', prayed, and then went on a walk at night to look at stars. I've never seen the sky here that clear, it was fun. 

Overall, just a great few days with my love. Also! Before I forget, remember the shoe showdown I had a few weeks ago trying to decide between Nike Frees or Roshes. I ended up keeping the Frees, but Ry bought me the Roshes as a surprise! What? So so blessed by this man. 

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