Friday, August 14, 2015

Five (or six...) on Friday! | Kitten Edition


On June 30th, I was packing up my truck to bring things to my school house and my dad was hooking up his trailer to load my furniture when he found a brand newborn baby kitten under the toolbox in his truck. Not the right time, momma kitty. So, we moved the kitten and the momma to a kennel so we could safely load everything.
When I got back from my first round of moving the momma and her kitten were nowhere to be found. My dad, who has cat whispering skills or something I tell ya, found them under our back porch one morning and I was so excited. This little orange one was so funny to me, because momma is more of a tabby colored cat and all of the other kittens were similar in color, but not Cheetoh here...

The next day, the kittens had moved again. I searched forever and ever (probably two days...) and couldn't find them. But, of course, my dad walked outside and found them in some brush after thirty minutes... They were about eight days at this point, still no open eyes. At this point we were able to clearly see we had two dark grey tabby-types, two light-gray and white tabby-types, one all gray (below), and Cheetoh. 

After the kittens were eight or ten days old momma cat took them into hiding again. We looked forever (even dad couldn't find them) until one day we came home and this little guy was sitting on our front porch. We were expecting them to be wild since they hadn't been handled by us in so long, but at four weeks this little one was sweet as can be.


I looked around some more that night and found the other five kittens under the front steps. Some of them hissed while we picked them up, but they never tried to scratch or anything which was really surprising. Anyway, they were all doing well and have stayed close by for the past two weeks.

 Momma cat has her paws full, that's for sure. So, at six weeks it's time for the kittens to make their Happy Chalkboard debut. At least before they go hide again...

 This spunky little thing is my mom's adult cat, MissMe (yes, like the jeans...) she goes by anything that starts with M though. She also thinks she's the co-momma to the kittens, and so that's interesting. But she's not a kitten, so let's get to them...

Kitten #1: Light Tabby. Male. "Goopy"

Ignore my work polo, this little goon is the only cat besides Cheetoh that I routinely call the same thing: Goopy. Not the prettiest name, but for the last two weeks I consistently could pick out this kitten because his poor little eyes are always runny and we have to clean them. So sad. He doesn't seem to mind though...
Silly goopy-eyed kitten... half of the kittens have bobbed tails, and Goopy is one of them!

Kitten #2: Dark Tabby. Female. "Lil"

Every time I say Lil I think of "Phil & Lil" from Rugrats, but she's a girl and she has a bobbed tail... it just fit! She's also a scaredy cat (pun intended) and hides in the wood pile way more than the others.

Kitten #3: Dark Tabby. Female.

We don't call this one anything yet, she's cute though! Also currently located in my hoodie pocket at the time of this post...just sleeping. Being a kitten is a rough job.

Kitten #4:  Orange. Male. "Cheetoh"

Cheetoh is always so calm, and he's a chunk. I feel like every cat I own always likes to sit like this, and Cheetoh was game to recline for a while. He's super spunky and I secretly think he'll be the one we keep... we'll see though. 


Kitten #5: Light Tabby. Male. "Not Goopy"

If Goopy wasn't goopy I have no idea how we'd tell these two apart... but now that I think of it I'm pretty sure Goopy has a bobbed tail, so there ya go. This little guy was the first kitten we found on our front porch. Love his little white paws.

Kitten #6. Gray. Male. "Goose"


This little guy is hilarious. He was the first kitten to hiss at me, and hissed at me the longest. I'm not sure why, but now he's a sweetie. Such a chunk too. He's twice as big as any of the other kittens, except Cheetoh... Cheetoh's also a chunk...

So that's everybody! Momma's got her paws full, even with Miss' "help". I'm sad the kittens (and I, for school) will be off to new homes in just a few short weeks... luckily we've got lots of homes wanting to take them in.
Which one would you keep if you were me? And no, all of them can't be an option... not ready to be a cat lady at 22...
Happy Friday!

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