Thursday, August 13, 2015

Craving A Health Kick

Hi guys! In many ways this post is a long time comin'. I've been thinking a lot about my health this summer. Thankfully I'm not sick or anything, but I've just realized that living in a dorm setting for three years and being a college student in general has given me a lot of stress, not a lot of sleep, and some weird eating and exercise habits.

I was really trying to start some new fitness trends in my life this summer, remember this post about how I was coming back to running? Well, that post was the last time I ran. And that makes me so sad. I'm not a lazy person, I'm just a busy person. And working somewhere with free milkshakes and fries does not help me stay on track. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing okay. Just not good. Just not great.

I've already promised myself that I won't make myself another milkshake at work for the rest of the summer. That's thirteen more milkshake-less days of work. I've also decided not to buy dessert for myself by myself. Meaning I can eat dessert or sweets when I'm doing something with friends, but not just for my own boredom filling. I think that'll help me a lot. No eating ice cream for breakfast by yourself, Sammy. But after dinner with family and friends in moderation because life is too short!

I've also decided once I go back to school I'm going to start running again to fill all of the free time I'll definitely have since Ry will be at 'home home' for a month and a half. I'm thinking of promising myself a mile five times a week to start, which I'll definitely go over anyway. And that's at least thirty miles of running I wouldn't have done otherwise! Yay!

I found this post by Luisa at Peaches to Pearls about her Eat Pretty Challenge, and I'm definitely going to try making those little changes each week too. Week one's challenge is drinking water only, week two's is absolutely no sweets, week three's is two cups of veggies a day, and week four's is no processed foods. I think it'll be so great to try these out. The post goes into more detail, but she states you can either do one challenge each week or have them build on each other, so by week two you would be drinking just water and not eating sweets. Not sure which I'm going to do yet.

I created this post because I want to know if there are others of you out there struggling with staying motivated. I think my lack of motivation comes from knowing that nobody in the world knows I'm struggling with staying motivated. Which is a very confusing sentence, I'm sorry... So what are your thoughts about exercise? How do you actually keep yourself motivated?

I'm going to try to create a link up for this over the next few months so that there is a place where I/we can find some motivation and encouragement with this. If you've posted literally anything about your health and fitness, link it up here. It doesn't matter how old the post is. I'll read about fifteen year old you trying to run every day, I just think reading about health and fitness will help me to think about it.

As with any ol' blog link up I ask that you do the following things if you share a link...
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3. Know that you're a wonderful, beautiful, amazing person!

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