Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why I Blog

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Why I Started A Blog

I chose to start a blog a few months ago, and even though I'm still definitely a baby blogger I've seen myself grow so much over these few short months. I wanted to write because as an incoming student teacher I couldn't find any resources of real people just talking about their experience: what they wore, how they felt, what they did in their spare time as non-student teachers.
There were plenty of developed teachers who wrote about these things, but they were established They weren't me. And so I decided that talking about my own experience might just give me that outlet I needed and was trying to find in someone else.
I started a blog because I needed to write about my life, what I love, the clothes I thought were cute, the things I'm learning as a future educator, the love I have for God, the blessing that my boyfriend is. I needed to share those things with the world and process how I felt about them for myself in a new way.


Why I Choose to Write About The Things I Write About

My blog tends to focus on five subjects: life, Faith, my relationship, and education because I feel like this is what my life centers around at this time. I write about what I'm up to in posts that focus on life: new kittens, horseback riding, shopping, random thoughts. When I talk about my faith I write about what I'm struggling with spiritually, what God is blessing me with, or what verses are on my heart at that time. When i talk about my relationship I share what we're up to as a couple, ideas I have for the future, and our adventures. And when I talk about education I share about things I've bought for student teaching, new developments in my future career, and what I know about students and their learning.
If you're not doing what you love, you won't be happy. In the same way, if you're not writing about what you love, you won't be happy. I tried to schedule all of these posts out but I've found that I need to talk about what's going on now in life, and not be so compartmentalized. That's just not how I work. Also, it's a struggle to write about teaching when it's summer vacation and I'm not doing anything Ed related... ya know?


Where Success is Found For Me in Blogging

Despite how much I love it, The Happy Chalkboard is not a popular blog. At most, a few people read my posts a day and even fewer comment. Believe me, I get it- life is busy. And as much as I crave interaction with other bloggers and to relate about the things I post, sometimes I know that isn't possible and I know it's something that will grow with time.
Right now, I'm comfortable with blogging just for myself, and I'm learning to be happy with that. If others like what I write and can add their input that's just a cherry on top. I'm learning that I can't blog for other people, I need to blog for me.
Thank you for being here, for the blog and for me.
You have no idea how happy I am that you stopped by.
Happy Wednesday!

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