Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Way Back Wednesday

Hi there. We all use social media, yeah? Well, recently I've learned that the Sammy I was a few years ago was a really awkward and embarrassing person sometimes. If you have the app Timehop, you've probably had these same feelings about your younger self, too. So, for your enjoyment and my hilarious memory sharing... here are the social media posts (via Timehop) I shared in history...yikes.

Today I'm linking up with Kim from Savvy Southern Style , and Ducks in a Row. I looked at a few other links from their blog hops and  Lou Lou Girls Summer Bucket List was so cute!


I don't even know what this is supposed to mean. I did work in an airport for the last two summers, but I don't remember the carpet there being weird?


Apparently July 15th wasn't a popular day in my social media world the last two or three years, but four years ago I felt it was super important to share with the world (three times) that I was on Skype... hey, did you catch that? I'm on Skype... gosh. I don't even known who I was Skyping four years ago.

Until what, Sammy? Oh, right... no details. Gosh.


I was just talking to a co-worker about this! Does anyone else remember when Facebook was just like 'your name' really small and your status was right next to it so if you wrote (obnoxiously) in the third person like I did above then it would read as a continuous line, Sammy is going to have a -great- day! Don't miss those hyphens for emphasis *insert eye roll*

Ahhh, the whole day rundown, because everyone wants to weigh in on my life decisions as a fifteen year old. Also, crawdads are basically mini lobster things that we caught a ton of that day and actually ate. I remember we had my aunt's foreign exchange student from Lebanon with us that year and when we were eating crawdads (which was weird enough) and I ate a piece of the outside gross part and so I spit it out into a napkin. Anyway, the foreign exchange student got really confused because I guess where he was from if women ate something disgusting (and he said anything) they had to swallow it. That was so strange to me. And I remember telling him that that was dumb, and that if there was something gross in my mouth there was no way I would swallow it.
Looking back on it, I guess I didn't realize why women would have to do that, now I guess it could be something that's expected of women there, culturally (which is still so not cool!), but we never did learn much about where he was from.
And again, no idea what this is supposed to mean... who's missing? Oh goodness.
Well, that's all I posted on July 2015 throughout the years! What'd you post? Share!

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  1. I love this! I totally remember the third person Facebook statuses. I don't have Timehop...I feel like I should get it so I can cringe at my past self too! haha. Maybe your carpet status was about the carpet at PDX? And I'm glad I don't live in Lebanon so I don't have to swallow anything gross...ew!