Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Shoe Showdown

That title is a lot more intense sounding than this post will actually be. 

Yesterday I went looking for black shoes. My black Nikes always get beat up from working and everything else I do in them so I wear them down. Fast. 

After going to three (3!) different stores that either didn't have my size or had terrible customer service, I finally found the shoes I wanted to look at. But I couldn't decide. So I bought the Nike Free 5.0 and the Nike Roshe. 

Now, I used to hate the Roshe. I didn't understand them. Now I do. They're comfortable and look cute on your foot. But the sole is so thick!! And my mom said these were her least favorite, even at $75 instead of $100. 

I like them because they're simple, but unlike any Nike I've ever had. If that makes sense at all. 

The Frees are the exact opposite in the sole department. Barely a sole there, but they're still comfortable. And the white part is weird and resembles more of a sick feeling than a shoe. But, they're comfortable. And make your foot look tiny (at least when next to the Roshe)

At this point I'm leaning more toward the Free, but I still don't know! What do you think? Have you tried on/worn/owned either shoe? 

Nike Roshe - $75

Nike Free 5.0 - $100

Happy Saturday!


  1. I had the Frees before, but when I started running I got fitted for running shoes and now I realize how tight they were on my foot! So now I know my foot is too wide for Nikes and I can't help in the fit/comfort department. But I think they're both cute!

  2. Where did you get fitted for running shoes? That's so cool! They fit me really well right now, so I think that'll just get better as they get worn in. Thank you for commenting your opinion, girl! :)

  3. I went to a running store in Seattle called Sound Sports!