Friday, July 24, 2015

The Adventure List

Hey there! I'm breaking my usual 'Five on Friday' plans to bring you something new and fun and exciting (at least in my opinion). Early on while we were dating Ry and I would always see things we wanted to do and would share them with each other. After a while we started something we call The Adventure List which we have saved on our phones and I have in a picture frame so that we can cross off the things we get done (a Valentines Day gift from Ry that I really wish I had a picture of for this post...)

Basically, our goal is to get all of these things done and then create a new list. It's long, so it should take us a while. We chose to do this so that if we couldn't think of anything to do, we'd have a running list of fun things to help our relationship grow- and it has! This relationship is seriously such a blessing, God knows what He's doing all the time.

I thought it would be fun to share this on the blog and keep you all updated on the fun things we've done, as well as to share some ideas with you for your relationship or general fun seeking self! If you have ideas to share, feel free to comment for the next Adventure List we make!

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1. A day of Friends
2. Trip to the coast (including a long walk on the beach)
3. Hiking (3.21.15)
4. Mini Golf
5. Go on a picnic
6. Eat somewhere new
7. Get Ry to ride a horse (5.23.15)
8. Shopping day
9. Bake cookies (2.10.15)
10. Snow day
11. Fancy date
12. Star gaze, probably with hot chocolate
13. Movie date (5.1.15)
14. Watch a sunset/sunrise (2.22.15)
15. Blanket fort
16. Geocaching
17. Volunteer together
18. Breakfast at midnight
19. Shari's for pie, and maybe breakfast, but mostly pie. (2.19.15)
20. Drive-in movie
21. One day roadtrip
22. Cuddle day
23. Go on a run
24. Buy someone a gift
25. Go to a rodeo (7.3.15)
26. Go to a beach in Hawaii (3.21.15)
27. Eat spam (this one was added by Ry...)
28. Cook together some night (8.5.15)
29. Be tourists for a day
30. Go to a concert

I'm going to pin this one up on the tabs bar under The Happy Chalkboard header so that you all can follow along, and post updates periodically. I'm really excited to see how we grow as we complete the list, and I can't wait to complete it!

Happy Friday!
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