Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Blogging...

Well,  hi there. I promise I'm still alive, although my blogging lately wouldn't really make that seem true. Sorry I went missing, this summer is just super crazy. Here's a little catch up of everything that's happened lately. Yay!

First, I've been trying to spend as much time with my horse as possible because when I work I can't, and that's not fair to Miss Ruby. Sometime last week when I was bringing her in from the barn she managed to do this...

Those little pink ears are supposed to be on her ears, of course. Not like whatever this is. Some weird four eared bunny rabbit horse. She's a hoot. (Does anyone say hoot anymore?)

Also on Tuesday of last week (I don't know if I talked about this... oops) I got the keys to my house for next year! So, I loaded up a bunch of stuff and was ready to drive there ASAP. I was so pumped... and then my cat had kittens! Six of them. They're still really young so we haven't been doing much with them and letting momma take over, but this orange one was so cute and unexpected I just had to take a picture of it!

I didn't take many pictures at all of the house  (sad day), but I did get a few, and I'll have a whole year to take pictures of the house and how adorable it is, so don't worry! I thought this little chair of my roommate's was really adorable sitting all by itself in our living room.

Then... I worked, a lot. I drive about an hour to and from my job, and work five or six hour shifts, which isn't bad. But still, on days I work (all five of them) I don't do much else.  Except for this weekend, because July 4th! On Friday night after work Ry came out and I took him to his first ever rodeo... they grow up so fast! It was a lot of fun, and he even had fun which is a great sign.

On Saturday I had to work again, but Ry spent some time with my brother and then I watched fireworks with him for the 4th. It was so fun, and I'm happy we got to celebrate another holiday together. The fireworks were also really good. I didn't take any pictures, just videos, of the actual fireworks. But I promise it was a fun time.

I also found out this weekend that two of my friends got engaged! One of them is a roommate of mine, and I'm so excited to hear all about their plans this year. And excited for her, because she's been expecting this for a longggg time.

This week I have two days off in a row, which is a rare occasion, and I'm going to try to spend a lot of time relaxing. Blog posts may happen, they may not, stick with me here folks.

Happy Monday!


  1. I love the 'four eared bunny rabbit horse' description! It made me smile. I also love that you got to see Ry! And by that one picture of your house, it looks nice! (I'm a sucker for hardwood floors.)

    1. Thanks! :) The house is so nice, not perfect by any means, but a really great first house to rent for college. Can't wait to get in there and decorate it!