Thursday, July 9, 2015

June Goal Recap & July Goals

Well hey there... I don't know if you remember this post about my June goals. I almost forgot, too! It's been a long time! Anyway, I had goals... I tried to complete them... let's see how that went and then make some new goals for July (or roll some over because... life.)

1. Have my home room cleaned out and organized, getting rid of things I don't need and preparing stuff I want to take to the new house.
Progress: Half done! I cleaned out a lot of stuff, have started to give things away, etc. But, I haven't taken everything I'll need to the new house, or finished cleaning. Ugh.

2. Finish my last day as an RA with a smile!
Progress: DONE!

3. Run or do something active at least once a week.
Progress: Well, I've run one time in the last month. Once. Working on it though! And I ride my horse and clean stalls (which doesn't sound like a workout until you do it), and I walk at work all day. So, I haven't just been sitting. Promise.

4. Ride Ruby at least three times a week.
Progress: Work schedule makes this impossible, but I ride at least once a week!

5. Avoid unnecessary sweets. Ice cream is not unnecessary sweet on hot days.
Progress: I have been doing pretty well with what I've been eating this summer. I only had sugary coffee once, ice cream has been limited. The real struggle, guys.

6. Post on THC at least four times a week.
Progress: I'm doing pretty good!

7. Start planning for student teaching.
Progress: I moved all of my teacher books to the new house andddd I contacted my clinical teachers.

8. Start my new job off right, and work to do the best I can.
Progress: Work has been a little bit of a struggle, I spend ten hours a week driving to and from work and only work twenty five hours, which adds up and becomes tiring. So, the positivity has probably been lacking, but I'm really trying to focus on choosing my attitude.

9. Go to the dentist.
Progress: Well, I went to a new dentist yesterday and it didn't go so well. I haven't been in for an exam in over three years. It's probably been much more than that, but three is all I can remember. Anyway, I wanted to ask about my wisdom teeth, get a checkup, expected a few cavities because it's been so long, and then to talk about doing some repair. Well, that's not what happened. I was told my teeth basically all need to be fixed in some way, that two of my teeth are dangerously close to root canal and lots of the rest have cavities, and that my teeth need extreme cleaning (?) They gave me a really high quote for the first part of my dental work and I just got really upset. I wasn't expecting that much- my teeth don't look that bad to me, at all. I've seen bad teeth! Anyway, prayers for a knowledgeable dentist, affordable care, etc., would be so appreciated.

10. Be Positive. Positive. Positive.
Progress: I promise I'm trying.

So now...

Goals for July:

1. Go to another dentist for a second opinion and start dental work.
2. Clean my room. Spotless. Ready to go.
3. Start running on home days.
4. Continue to eat well. Ultimate goal is to become healthier and more fit, but if I lost a few pounds that wouldn't be bad either.
5. Continue to choose a positive attitude about my job and driving.
6. Finish my best friend's wedding present.
7. Bake something.
8. Minimize spending.
9. Create a budget for next year
10. Get my Otter Box replaced...


  1. I think you did a good job! Sorry about your dentist experience! I'm hoping you get a better quote at the next place!

    1. I went yesterday and everything is going to be alright! I met a much kinder dentist who explained everything and we're getting a plan going. Thanks! :)