Saturday, July 18, 2015

iPad Photo Dump

I  never ever use my iPad, I always forget! But today I am, and now I'm finding all of these old pictures! So, since I'm too busy to think of anything here's some old pictures from the depths of my iPad... 

Oh goodness, I crocheted this blanket three years ago for a lady at my church who was having a baby. I had crocheted before so I thought I could handle it. Anyway, this blanket was such a pain I ended up keeping it. I couldn't give away all of the frustration work. And who knows, I could have kids in fifty years...

Mom's Easter place settings. She always has the cutest holiday tables. 

Thanksgiving table, love those sunflowers & that cute little turkey. She also hangs up this harvest themed burlap as curtains. Mom needs a blog... 

Cinnamon soy candle I made mom for Christmas a few years ago 

Christmas table, which is always my favorite. That figures though, favorite holiday = favorite table. 

Sorry this was so holiday themed! What pictures can you find in your old technology? 

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  1. Your mom's holiday table settings are amazing! Christmas is my favorite too, but it's also probably because it's my favorite holiday too! Great job on the blanket! I think I'd keep it if I put so much work into it too.