Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Interview with a Student

For a social studies education class that I'm taking this summer I had to interview an elementary student and record their answers. I chose to interview my fifth grade cousin, who also thought it was important to include that he is 9 years old and 4 feet tall (kids... haha)

How often do you learn social studies in your classroom?
C - Almost every day.

Who are three significant people from history?
C - Well, obviously Ben Franklin because he created lights and we wouldn't have electricity if it weren't for him. And Benjamin Franklin.

What is government?
C - People who make the rules for other people and send them to government. And where the president lives.

What is the definition of democracy?
C - I can't remember, I learned it though. *long pause* It's been summer for probably a month already.

What were the responsibilities of people who live in the United States?
C - The law. They can't break the law or they go to jail, for I don't know how many years if it's bad enough. Or sometimes it's just a ticket for speeding.

Who would you talk to from history if you could? Like someone who has passed away.
C - *long pause* Well, I haven't met many people who are in the grave. Maybe the person who mad the first game console, because I like video games.

So there you have it. History according to my fifth grade cousin. Things like this make me laugh so much and make me so excited to be a teacher and spend all of my days with these giggle producers.

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. This was hilarious! I loved his Benjamin Franklin answer hahaha!