Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Things Friday

Too busy enjoying real life to think of anything clever to say at all, and I'm still happy about that. So here's my five favorite pictures/moments from this week! 

1// that day I made the best dessert ever. I'll share that recipe soon. Promise. 

2// I went blackberry picking for the first time all summer. Blackberries and masons, can't get much better. 

3// I spent time with my horse! Ruby selfies are the best selfies. 

4// this salad that is basically all ham and cheese. Not even sad. 

5// and seeing the boyfriend, who I didn't get pictures with (what...?) too busy enjoying life, I tell ya. 

Edit to add- found my kittens that have been hiding for WEEKS. So cute. So happy. 

Happy Friday! 

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