Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday

Fri-YAY! Do people still say that? Well, I do. Here are five things that happened this week that I'm excited about. You've got to do fun things to be happy, it's a law of life.

I baked! I love baking, and the other morning I just really felt like I needed to get into the kitchen. We didn't have a ton or ingredients, but I made some simple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they were good. So so good. I meant to take pictures of the process, buuuut... I was so excited to eat them I just got this one!

I went on a ride! This is Ruby from the saddle. She did so great this day, with little fuss. She's a grump of a horse sometimes and so these days when she's an angel are great. Our trainer compares her to a child throwing a tantrum. I agree. She's a handful. But you gotta love her anyway, and she is getting better.

Speaking of horses. This guy is one of my favorites in our barn. Ry likes him too, so while I was there I took a picture to send to him. Well, this silly guy stuck his nose out all hilariously. Love this horse. If I had a need for more horses, I would buy him. Also, if he was for sale ya know...

I guess this Friday is going to be dominated by animals. Remember those kittens I talked about? Well this is one of them! They're only eight days old, so no eyes open yet! They've definitely gotten a little bit bigger, and I can't wait to play with them! I've been trying to take better pictures, but they're all hidden and I don't want to be too disruptive to mama yet. From what I can see we have two all grey little ones, the orange one I talked about earlier, a dark grey, and two grey and white tabby looking ones. Such a mix and I love it!
Looks like my five on Friday was a 'four on Friday', so here's that little orange kitten again. Seriously, so cute! I love baby animals, why can't they always stay this small?


  1. I have always loved horses, I wish I had one! Those kittens are adorable. I looove oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! The oatmeal just adds a little something over the plain chocolate chip cookies.

    1. I love how many things from this you loved! haha