Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Disqus & New Theme

This post has changed a lot throughout the day, sorry about that.

This morning I added Disqus, which is a commenting gadget a lot of other bloggers use. Unfortunately, I can't transfer all of my old comments to this new system, so that's annoying- but I'm working on it. Just kinda burnt out on the whole technology thing for the day. Overall, this new commenting thing will make it easier for me to track replies to comments, and for you (if you have Disqus) to see if I reply to you! It's great, really. I promise.

Also, I made a new theme/look for The Happy Chalkboard! The first theme was always going to be temporary, and the business was starting to drive me insane. So now over here at THC we have a white background, various shades of pink daisies, a header, and an updated button!

If you have my button on your blog from before and you like that one, by all means keep it! But if you want the new one the code is to the left.

If anyone is interested, I made my background, header, and button using PicMonkey, which is a free image editing website. It was super easy and I highly recommend it if you need to change up your blog's look.

That's all! Happy Wednesday!

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