Monday, July 13, 2015

Dating: Intent

"Dating without the intent of being married is like going to the grocery store with no money - you either leave unsatisfied, or you take something that isn't yours." - Unknown
I really love Jeff, Alyssa, and Kinsley Bethe. Love them. I think that their marriage is beautiful, I love the love they share with us for their daughter, and I love the vlogs they share that let us see into their lives. I watched this dating video with Ry a long time ago, and it's been on my mind a lot lately. We've been dating for eight months now (yay!) and while I'm not running full speed to the nearest church, I plan to get married eventually in my life. And sometimes Pinterest, or friends, make waiting for that so difficult!
Buuuut, I'm so thankful I have a great relationship, and that we have always been able to communicate with each other about everything. And I know that I don't have to worry about all of that wedding business, when I can focus on developing our relationship now and being the best girlfriend I can be by focusing on keeping myself happy and healthy, my relationship with God strong, an in turn our relationship happy, healthy, and strong.
Dating with the Intent to Marry is important to me. For me, I don't date (just) for fun, but to find someone to marry, or learn more about what I want in the person that I will eventually marry. I don't want a boyfriend to have a boyfriend, I want a boyfriend who could eventually become a husband. Marriage is important to me. A Godly marriage is important to me.
So, I wanted to share this video with you all to share what I think about these things, through the Bethkes video. f you can't, or don't want, to watch the full video... there are notes from me right below this.
Happy Monday xxx

Notes from the video (not own thoughts... just great thoughts)

What's the point of dating?
"Dating without the intent of being married is like going to the grocery store with no money - you either leave unsatisfied, or you take something that isn't yours." - Unknown
In our culture, dating is usually social, recreational, and short term.
People who do it best, and in the healthiest way, usually do it with the intent of marriage.
Ladies, is the guy you're with intending to marry you. Guys, is that where she wants to be taken?
You have to have a destination. Do you have a vision? If you're getting lost, it's not only you getting lost, there's another person who's getting lost with you.
Are you dating with the intent of marriage?
Not that you have to date someone knowing that's the one, that's the one you're going to marry, but have the intent of hey- I do want to get married, and so let's see if this could work out, or if this is the person I should marry.
You learn so much about the opposite gender, how they operate, things you want in your future spouse, things you don't want, things about yourself - things that come out that you want to change.
Relationships are messy, they're not perfect at all. But that really matures us, helps us to rely on the Lord, and helps us learn to deal with conflict. What love really is, how to put something above yourself.
Dating can be scary. You can think, I don't want to date the wrong person and break up. But, know that no relationship is in vain. If you allow the Lord, he can use whatever relationship to grow you and draw you to Himself, or to grow the other person. So whether you get married or not, it's not in vain. It's for our good if you let the Lord do that.


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  1. I would never enter into a relationship thinking, "This will probably last a couple months." Breakups happen of course, but they shouldn't be planned out in advance!

    1. Exactly, I don't like thinking 'this will probably end, so why invest' Ugh! Frustrating.