Thursday, July 16, 2015

10 Random Tips to Love Your Relationship

Getting ready to watch fireworks over the lake on the 4th of July

Before I get to it, I learned a lot from writing this post. About myself, my relationship now, and what I want my relationship to be. I also learned I take a lot of pictures while I'm following Ry, kind of like this photographer who follows his girlfriend all artistically around the places they visit... but ya know, definitely not as artistically... Either way, any post that lets me talk about what I love is my favorite post, and I hope you feel the same about your own blog.

So now, I'll talk about the whole point of this post.

I may be the only person in the whole world that does this, but I think about my future wedding a lot. Kidding, I know a lot of people do this. I don't obsess over details much, but I dwell on the fact that that one day will be the day I start my marriage, and that makes me so overjoyed.

With Pinterest being a constant hailstorm of wedding pins that make me want to choose a venue tomorrow and buy a dress today, focusing on my dating relationship and not planning for my marriage is hard. Now, don't get me wrong- I don't mean I'm going to never think about how I want my wedding and marriage to be, but I'm lately trying to wholeheartedly focus on the stage my relationship is in right now, and trying very hard not to just overshadow that by looking forward to plans to come.

I want...

I want to be the best girlfriend I can possibly be.
I want to love my boyfriend the way that God wants me to love him.
I want to be supportive, respectful, loving, a listener, and a good friend.

I don't want...

I don't want to be distracted.
I don't want to be so focused on pining for a wedding that I miss the happy moments of dating.

Because dating isn't going to last as long as marriage is. No matter how hard that is to understand right now.

So, here are some tips I've found from various places (linked if I can!) that I'm going to really start focusing on in my own relationship, and you should too!

10 Random Tips to Love Your Relationship

One. Go on dates! This Buzzfeed article has 68 free date ideas! Favorites below:
  • Volunteer at the Humane Society
  • Have a sand-castle building contest, make strangers vote
  • Build a blanket fort.
  • Make a relationship time capsule
  • Have a Chopped competition using whatever you have in the kitchen.
Two. Challenge yourself to do one new thing each day. There are some ideas on this list, although you can substitute anything you want!
  • Do spontaneous things for each other: hidden notes, surprise snacks, impromptu dates!
  • Make a list of things you love about each other, and share them.
  • Go on runs, hikes, or bike rides together
  • Turn on some music & dance
Three. Think about all of the things you appreciate about the person you're with, and let them know they're appreciated often.

Four.  Study the Bible together, discuss what you think about it, take notes together. Try using the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) for smaller sections or KISS (Key message, Interesting part, Scripture, how it Speaks to you) for chapter reading.

Five. Think about what you want your future marriage to look like, and model your relationship in that way. See what other Christian couples do in their marriages, read blogs about Godly marriages, pray, whatever you need.

Six. Communicate. Talk about the things you love, the things you dislike, and the things that are bothering you. No one is a mind reader, share what's on your mind and share what's on your heart.

Seven. Try each other's hobbies, learn what the other person loves. Even if you don't love it yourself, you get to know why they like it and get to see how happy they are while doing their favorite things.

Eight. Start every day positively, and never end a day angry. I'm really happy that this is something we do in our relationship. We always text each other (or meet up when we're in the same town...) in the morning to wish each other a great day, and when we disagree we always sort it all out before the day ends. No going to sleep or leaving upset allowed.

Nine. Always say I love you. Always.

Ten.  Just be together. Don't overthink it, don't overplan it. Thinking is good and plans are good, but just being together and enjoying each other's company is the key to relationship happiness, at least in my book.


And just because it's adorable, here's an article about 23 husbands sharing the moment they knew they found the one. So sweet.


  1. I love your new blog design! And now I need to replace your old button with your new one! I think being spontaneous is super important in my relationship because we sometimes get caught in patterns. I love when we just decide spur of the moment to do something (even if it's just going to Costco or something) instead of planning it all out.

  2. Thank you so much! I like it too, I needed something cleaner. :) I love spontaneity! I'm a planner, but I love when I'm able to just enjoy times and not worry about planning.

  3. Also, I need to add your button too! I've been meaning to, just keep forgetting

  4. You have me in your sidebar anyway, so either way! I had you in my sidebar but when I realized you had a button I thought I'd use that instead!

  5. Same reason I need to add your button :)