Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Things Friday

Too busy enjoying real life to think of anything clever to say at all, and I'm still happy about that. So here's my five favorite pictures/moments from this week! 

1// that day I made the best dessert ever. I'll share that recipe soon. Promise. 

2// I went blackberry picking for the first time all summer. Blackberries and masons, can't get much better. 

3// I spent time with my horse! Ruby selfies are the best selfies. 

4// this salad that is basically all ham and cheese. Not even sad. 

5// and seeing the boyfriend, who I didn't get pictures with (what...?) too busy enjoying life, I tell ya. 

Edit to add- found my kittens that have been hiding for WEEKS. So cute. So happy. 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Peek Inside My Purse

I don't know about you, but my purse is always a mess. I often think about getting a smaller purse so that everything has a place, but then I decide against it because all of the stuff I tote around wouldn't fit in a small purse. Do I even need to carry around all of these things? Of course not.

I've been carrying around my Marc Fisher 'It Girl' tote since I got it for Christmas two years ago and I still love it, frayed handle and all. It's not available any more (which is sad). It's shown on Lyst, and you can get notified if it comes back in stock at any store. I've seen a few on eBay before and my mom has the black one which I may steal...

Not shown in this picture are all of the envelopes containing mail I never ever got around to getting rid of, or the Trident gum I just bought that always falls out of the packaging and collects in the bottom of my bag. Ugh.
What is pictured...
1// My Hydroflask. I talk about this thing a lot, but I use it even more than I talk about it (hard to believe, I know) Honestly I'll never understand how it keeps things at the temperature you put them in at. I've yet to test a milkshake in there, but I will someday. Stay tuned. Mine was a gift, but the 18 oz. size is $25 or so.
2// Victoria's Secret Makeup bag. Lately this has been in my purse because I've been going into town early and instead of getting ready before I leave, I'm waiting until I'm more awake and doing my makeup there. There's so much random makeup in there that isn't anything special I kept the lid closed.
3// Urban Decay Eye & Face Anarchy face case from a while ago... I love this thing. So many pretty colors, and it's lasted forever. It has eight or so eye shadows, eye liner, a lip coor, two blushes and a highlighter. So great.
4// Buffalo Wild Wings coloring sheet and crayons, because ya know... life.
5// A card from my former boss including a wallet sized print of the Obama family. We invited them to an event and received one of those response cards with a picture, so she made us all a copy. I find it so funny.
6// Craisins. No explanation for this. None. I didn't even know they were in there, that's how crazy my purse is I tell ya...

7// adding to say I forgot my wallet! That's how you know there are too many things in your bag... haha. 

I got the idea for this post from Mattie & Northwest Native. Go check out her purse post here, and then comment below with what's in your purse!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why I Blog

Linking up for this post with Ducks 'n a Row for Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #134 (that's a lot of blog hopping!)

Why I Started A Blog

I chose to start a blog a few months ago, and even though I'm still definitely a baby blogger I've seen myself grow so much over these few short months. I wanted to write because as an incoming student teacher I couldn't find any resources of real people just talking about their experience: what they wore, how they felt, what they did in their spare time as non-student teachers.
There were plenty of developed teachers who wrote about these things, but they were established They weren't me. And so I decided that talking about my own experience might just give me that outlet I needed and was trying to find in someone else.
I started a blog because I needed to write about my life, what I love, the clothes I thought were cute, the things I'm learning as a future educator, the love I have for God, the blessing that my boyfriend is. I needed to share those things with the world and process how I felt about them for myself in a new way.


Why I Choose to Write About The Things I Write About

My blog tends to focus on five subjects: life, Faith, my relationship, and education because I feel like this is what my life centers around at this time. I write about what I'm up to in posts that focus on life: new kittens, horseback riding, shopping, random thoughts. When I talk about my faith I write about what I'm struggling with spiritually, what God is blessing me with, or what verses are on my heart at that time. When i talk about my relationship I share what we're up to as a couple, ideas I have for the future, and our adventures. And when I talk about education I share about things I've bought for student teaching, new developments in my future career, and what I know about students and their learning.
If you're not doing what you love, you won't be happy. In the same way, if you're not writing about what you love, you won't be happy. I tried to schedule all of these posts out but I've found that I need to talk about what's going on now in life, and not be so compartmentalized. That's just not how I work. Also, it's a struggle to write about teaching when it's summer vacation and I'm not doing anything Ed related... ya know?


Where Success is Found For Me in Blogging

Despite how much I love it, The Happy Chalkboard is not a popular blog. At most, a few people read my posts a day and even fewer comment. Believe me, I get it- life is busy. And as much as I crave interaction with other bloggers and to relate about the things I post, sometimes I know that isn't possible and I know it's something that will grow with time.
Right now, I'm comfortable with blogging just for myself, and I'm learning to be happy with that. If others like what I write and can add their input that's just a cherry on top. I'm learning that I can't blog for other people, I need to blog for me.
Thank you for being here, for the blog and for me.
You have no idea how happy I am that you stopped by.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Matthew 6:1

"Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." - Matthew 6:1 NIV

"Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of other to be seen by them" - It's important not to do Godly things and be a good person for worldly approval. I want to work hard to be a good person for the Lord, and be strong and work hard for my faith for God's approval. I want others to notice that something is different in me and find God through their own path.

"If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." - If I'm seeking the reward of acceptance and approval from the world, I will not receive the reward of Heaven. This is heavy and it should be. I need to constantly remember to seek God, not the world.

I've been meaning to start waking up early to read my Bible and spend time in the word regularly again, but my schedule has not been very supportive of that (early mornings and late nights) so, I'm going to try and take additional steps to really focus on my verse a day and think about what I can work on in my own life to better myself for God's good.

Prayer:Lord, you know what I can work on and you know what's important to me. Help me to focus on being good and following your word for You, and not for others. Help me to see what You're working on in me and help me to be willing to follow your Path. Help me to receive the reward You have for me, and for everyone, in Heaven, and to ignore the world. Thank you for all that You have blessed me with, and all that You will continue to bless me with.

Monday, July 27, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding

Hey everybody! I haven't shared much about it, but in less than one month my best friend in the entire world will become a Mrs! Lex has been my best friend since birth because our parents were close friends (my dad was in her parents wedding, and now I'm going to be in hers... which is kind of cool!) Anyway, as a MOH I've been working on tons of things which thankfully I can share here since not many people know about the blog.

1. MOH gift

Lex's bridal shower is this coming Sunday (yay!) and I saw this idea on Pinterest of course and made it a real thing! The actual book hasn't arrived yet, but I'm so excited for it to get here!

I contacted some friends, her future in-laws, her parents, her future husband- everyone I could think of! Anyway, I'm so excited for it to get here and can't wait for her to see all of the letters and pictures from so many people who love her.

2. Wedding Hair

I'm not sure which of these styles to pick, but I'm leaning more toward the bun styles. My dress is below, and I'm thinking because it's a one shoulder having my hair up might be better for the dress. Also, it's an outdoor wedding in August... so... it would probably be much cooler too.
The Dress:

in this color, with a purple band. Also, cowboy boots... I love my best friend and her wedding decisions. She's seriously a genius and so adorable.
Hair Inspiration:
I like the side braid thing, and the wispiness of this look.
I love the braid on top look of this, but I don't want too much poof on top.
 I love the chunky braid look of this
This one might be my favorite, probably because it's the closest to my own hair color and I can actually visualize it. I love that it looks effortless, but also complex.

3. Bachelorette Party?

Does anyone have any ideas for a low-key bachelorette party? We can't do a long-term getaway because our schedules are all so crazy. I was thinking maybe a girl's night, or dinner and drinks? I'm a little at a loss, though. I've tried to plan and none of us have come up with anything, but I don't want her to miss out at all!

4. MOH Speech Advice

If you've been a MOH, or have given a toast/speech at a wedding, any advice? I don't want to leave out anything important or miss anything... help would be appreciated!

5. The Countdown...

6 days until the Bridal Shower!
24 days until the Wedding!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Adventure List

Hey there! I'm breaking my usual 'Five on Friday' plans to bring you something new and fun and exciting (at least in my opinion). Early on while we were dating Ry and I would always see things we wanted to do and would share them with each other. After a while we started something we call The Adventure List which we have saved on our phones and I have in a picture frame so that we can cross off the things we get done (a Valentines Day gift from Ry that I really wish I had a picture of for this post...)

Basically, our goal is to get all of these things done and then create a new list. It's long, so it should take us a while. We chose to do this so that if we couldn't think of anything to do, we'd have a running list of fun things to help our relationship grow- and it has! This relationship is seriously such a blessing, God knows what He's doing all the time.

I thought it would be fun to share this on the blog and keep you all updated on the fun things we've done, as well as to share some ideas with you for your relationship or general fun seeking self! If you have ideas to share, feel free to comment for the next Adventure List we make!

For this post I'm linking up with Darling Downs Diaries for Good Morning Mondays! Can we all just appreciate for a second that I linked up to a Monday linkup on a Friday... good golly I really need a weekend... haha

In all seriousness though, linking up with Missional Women for Faith Filled Friday, Reviews Chew & How-Tos for What's Making Your Life Awesome, and Meet at the Barre for Friday Favorites - Where Did July Go? Yay for linkups!

1. A day of Friends
2. Trip to the coast (including a long walk on the beach)
3. Hiking (3.21.15)
4. Mini Golf
5. Go on a picnic
6. Eat somewhere new
7. Get Ry to ride a horse (5.23.15)
8. Shopping day
9. Bake cookies (2.10.15)
10. Snow day
11. Fancy date
12. Star gaze, probably with hot chocolate
13. Movie date (5.1.15)
14. Watch a sunset/sunrise (2.22.15)
15. Blanket fort
16. Geocaching
17. Volunteer together
18. Breakfast at midnight
19. Shari's for pie, and maybe breakfast, but mostly pie. (2.19.15)
20. Drive-in movie
21. One day roadtrip
22. Cuddle day
23. Go on a run
24. Buy someone a gift
25. Go to a rodeo (7.3.15)
26. Go to a beach in Hawaii (3.21.15)
27. Eat spam (this one was added by Ry...)
28. Cook together some night (8.5.15)
29. Be tourists for a day
30. Go to a concert

I'm going to pin this one up on the tabs bar under The Happy Chalkboard header so that you all can follow along, and post updates periodically. I'm really excited to see how we grow as we complete the list, and I can't wait to complete it!

Happy Friday!
Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop

Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 Loves & Hates

Hi there! I was nominated by Mattie over at Northwest Native to share ten things I love and ten things I hate. As a (self-proclaimed) professional list maker I'm super pumped about this and I can't wait to share my list with you. I'm not sure who I should nominate, I've been slacking on my other-blogger interactions lately (oops...) so if you see this and haven't done the ten and ten list challenge, do it! It's fun, I promise. I'm also linking up with Annie from Home of Malones & Natalie of  East Coast Chic for their Thoughts for Thursday linkup. So go check them out too!
Thoughts for Thursday


Can we all take a second to appreciate the ridiculous fact that I found a word document on my laptop of things that I like... yeah. Alphabetized, with the most important things bolded. I need a life sometimes, I swear.
1. Cowboy Boots. - I swear, I live in these things. When we went to Hawaii I actually considered bringing them, which I recognize would've been so so weird. Ry told me if he brought them he'd dye his hair blonde which I would be equally not a fan of, so I did not bring them with me. Still, I love them and would probably wear them anywhere else...
2. Coffee - I miss being a barista because free coffee was my life. I'm actually trying to drink less coffee because I think the crummy feeling I was having during last school year was related to my espresso consumption. But I still love it. So we'll see how that progresses.
3. Church, Jesus, etc. - I love the Lord and all of the things He has blessed my life with. I love church and the joy that I receive from worship and watching other people enjoying being there too, I love Bible verse wall d├ęcor, new journals, and friends who share a verse right when you need one. Definitely my biggest love.
4. Ducks - Ducks are my favorite animal! My text tone on my phone is a duck quacking and the new house I'm moving into has ducks next door. Dream home for sure. Except now when I hear them quacking I think it's my phone and it's usually not... especially when it's on silent. But I'm sure I'll get used to that.
5. Hot Dogs - I know as a twenty-one year old human I should have a more mature favorite food, but I don't. Hot dogs, followed closely by pulled pork sandwiches, are my favorite food. And I'm not talking the gross kind, I eat turkey dogs, they're healthier! Don't laugh.
6. Getting (and leaving) notes - I love telling other people how great they are! So I love hiding notes and surprises everywhere, it's fun for me. I also love when people do this for me, and save all of those little notes forever.
7.  Peach Arnold Palmers, babe. - Basically peach, lemonade, and iced tea. When I don't drink coffee, I drink this. My friends make fun sometimes, it's okay. I just love them!
8. School. - I feel like this is probably a given, I'm going to be a teacher after all so I hve to spend the rest of my entire life in school, and I couldn't be more excited!!! I love when school supplies show up right after the 4th of July, I love when kids show up with their new backpacks, shoes, and outfits, and I love when I get all of my assignments and can finally fill my planner.
9.Trucks - I drive a Ford Excursion, and love it. Trucks will forever be my favorite mode of transportation, and I will never ever ever own a car (watch, that'll probably happen now). Okay, maybe a car, but never a minivan. If it lasts long enough my Excursion will be my soccer mom vehicle.
10. Ry - It's probably obvious that I love my boyfriend. He's supportive, adorable, kind, forgiving, and I know nobody's perfect, but he's pretty close. So he rounds out the end of my list of thing I love. At least I didn't make him the only other thing on the list except The Lord, right?

Hates (yuck)

I'm not even going to explain these unless it actually really has to happen, because I don't like this stuff and I don't wanna talk about it!
1. Mayonaise
2. Repetitive sounds (like tapping)
3. Not having a clean room
4. Showing up to anywhere at all late
5. Lies, dishonesty, any mean thing in general.
6. That sad sad feeling after you eat something really yummy and realize it's gone and you can't keep eating it.
7. Passive aggression. Use your words, folks!
8. Not having enough time in the day
9. Volleyball
10. Being cold and not being able to get warm
So that's that!
What do you love and hate?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Tuesday

Well hiii! Tuesdays are strange days if you ask me, basically just a continued Monday. Sunday isn't that fun because you have to spend time getting ready for whatever you have on Monday, so it's kind of a 'pre-Monday' and then Tuesday you're all bummed and tired because ugh, Monday. 

So Tuesday is basically a second Monday. But have faith, by Wednesday we'll be fine. 


I've been all over the place lately with work, getting my school home ready, and spending time with Ry before be leaves. But, here's what I've been up to!

I (very artistically) screenshotted this pineapple necklace from the UOI boutique email, and before I could go to their site it sold out. Seriously, what? I was gonna buy one with Ry for my mom because they have this long going joke about him giving her a pineapple. So, no rush, but if you see an adorable pineapple necklace let me know!!

Ignore my mirror selfie (oops) but I went to H&M and bought this button up on sale for $9.95 (regularly $19.95) and I just love it a lot. They have a lot of different colors and I'll probably be back! 

Another awkward mirror selfie, but I also got this green shirt that is so so soft for $9.95 too. 

This is a screenshot, of course, but I can't find anywhere that sells this ice cream and it looks so great. Has anyone tried it? It's supposed to be made without yuck and I like yhings like that!

Our house!! This isn't the whole thing, I promise we have rooms haha, but I'm just so stoked it's all coming together. And my roommates are adorable and buy flowers for our table. So excited to live with them and see our house get even cuter. 

What are you up to?

Happy Tuesday!! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

iPad Photo Dump

I  never ever use my iPad, I always forget! But today I am, and now I'm finding all of these old pictures! So, since I'm too busy to think of anything here's some old pictures from the depths of my iPad... 

Oh goodness, I crocheted this blanket three years ago for a lady at my church who was having a baby. I had crocheted before so I thought I could handle it. Anyway, this blanket was such a pain I ended up keeping it. I couldn't give away all of the frustration work. And who knows, I could have kids in fifty years...

Mom's Easter place settings. She always has the cutest holiday tables. 

Thanksgiving table, love those sunflowers & that cute little turkey. She also hangs up this harvest themed burlap as curtains. Mom needs a blog... 

Cinnamon soy candle I made mom for Christmas a few years ago 

Christmas table, which is always my favorite. That figures though, favorite holiday = favorite table. 

Sorry this was so holiday themed! What pictures can you find in your old technology? 

The Shoe Showdown

That title is a lot more intense sounding than this post will actually be. 

Yesterday I went looking for black shoes. My black Nikes always get beat up from working and everything else I do in them so I wear them down. Fast. 

After going to three (3!) different stores that either didn't have my size or had terrible customer service, I finally found the shoes I wanted to look at. But I couldn't decide. So I bought the Nike Free 5.0 and the Nike Roshe. 

Now, I used to hate the Roshe. I didn't understand them. Now I do. They're comfortable and look cute on your foot. But the sole is so thick!! And my mom said these were her least favorite, even at $75 instead of $100. 

I like them because they're simple, but unlike any Nike I've ever had. If that makes sense at all. 

The Frees are the exact opposite in the sole department. Barely a sole there, but they're still comfortable. And the white part is weird and resembles more of a sick feeling than a shoe. But, they're comfortable. And make your foot look tiny (at least when next to the Roshe)

At this point I'm leaning more toward the Free, but I still don't know! What do you think? Have you tried on/worn/owned either shoe? 

Nike Roshe - $75

Nike Free 5.0 - $100

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Currently // Friday, July 17

Currently, it's summer time... July 17, 2015. Friday. And I'm at work, so boo that. But, I just figured I'd update you all and what's been going on during the busiest summer of my entire life.

Eating // Healthier foods for the most part, trying to make better decisions. I would say this is going well for the most part, but summer is also ice cream season for me. And milkshakes are free for me at work, which is so so so hard to avoid. Seriously. I'm struggling. God help me here.

Listening to // I don't even know what it's called, but there's a new song out where the guy has a raspy voice and I love it! You don't know this, but I'm pausing this post to go find out what this song is, things like that bug me.

I couldn't even find it... ugh.

Looking forward to // Living in the same place as Ry again, this whole 'seeing each other once a week maybe' thing is killing me. It's killing us both. It makes the times when we're able to see each other really great, but all of the other times are not as fun. AND even though I'm moving back to school earlier this year for student teaching he's going back home for a month the week before. So, I'll be there for a month by myself while he's on the other side of the Pacific ocean. Great.

Playing // Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives... because food network, yo.

Missing // If it's not obvious, Ry...

Dreaming about // Lately I've been thinking a ton about my (very in the) future wedding, marriage, and home. I'm so excited to see where life takes me and I'm so excited for all of the things to come that God will bless me with. As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, really praying not to get too wrapped up in all of that, despite how excited I am. But, that's where my mind wanders in its off time.

This post was based off of a very old blog post Bee wrote over at Just Bee. Her blog is one I'm newly reading and I love it! Highly recommend you check it out, and update me on what you're doing!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

10 Random Tips to Love Your Relationship

Getting ready to watch fireworks over the lake on the 4th of July

Before I get to it, I learned a lot from writing this post. About myself, my relationship now, and what I want my relationship to be. I also learned I take a lot of pictures while I'm following Ry, kind of like this photographer who follows his girlfriend all artistically around the places they visit... but ya know, definitely not as artistically... Either way, any post that lets me talk about what I love is my favorite post, and I hope you feel the same about your own blog.

So now, I'll talk about the whole point of this post.

I may be the only person in the whole world that does this, but I think about my future wedding a lot. Kidding, I know a lot of people do this. I don't obsess over details much, but I dwell on the fact that that one day will be the day I start my marriage, and that makes me so overjoyed.

With Pinterest being a constant hailstorm of wedding pins that make me want to choose a venue tomorrow and buy a dress today, focusing on my dating relationship and not planning for my marriage is hard. Now, don't get me wrong- I don't mean I'm going to never think about how I want my wedding and marriage to be, but I'm lately trying to wholeheartedly focus on the stage my relationship is in right now, and trying very hard not to just overshadow that by looking forward to plans to come.

I want...

I want to be the best girlfriend I can possibly be.
I want to love my boyfriend the way that God wants me to love him.
I want to be supportive, respectful, loving, a listener, and a good friend.

I don't want...

I don't want to be distracted.
I don't want to be so focused on pining for a wedding that I miss the happy moments of dating.

Because dating isn't going to last as long as marriage is. No matter how hard that is to understand right now.

So, here are some tips I've found from various places (linked if I can!) that I'm going to really start focusing on in my own relationship, and you should too!

10 Random Tips to Love Your Relationship

One. Go on dates! This Buzzfeed article has 68 free date ideas! Favorites below:
  • Volunteer at the Humane Society
  • Have a sand-castle building contest, make strangers vote
  • Build a blanket fort.
  • Make a relationship time capsule
  • Have a Chopped competition using whatever you have in the kitchen.
Two. Challenge yourself to do one new thing each day. There are some ideas on this list, although you can substitute anything you want!
  • Do spontaneous things for each other: hidden notes, surprise snacks, impromptu dates!
  • Make a list of things you love about each other, and share them.
  • Go on runs, hikes, or bike rides together
  • Turn on some music & dance
Three. Think about all of the things you appreciate about the person you're with, and let them know they're appreciated often.

Four.  Study the Bible together, discuss what you think about it, take notes together. Try using the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) for smaller sections or KISS (Key message, Interesting part, Scripture, how it Speaks to you) for chapter reading.

Five. Think about what you want your future marriage to look like, and model your relationship in that way. See what other Christian couples do in their marriages, read blogs about Godly marriages, pray, whatever you need.

Six. Communicate. Talk about the things you love, the things you dislike, and the things that are bothering you. No one is a mind reader, share what's on your mind and share what's on your heart.

Seven. Try each other's hobbies, learn what the other person loves. Even if you don't love it yourself, you get to know why they like it and get to see how happy they are while doing their favorite things.

Eight. Start every day positively, and never end a day angry. I'm really happy that this is something we do in our relationship. We always text each other (or meet up when we're in the same town...) in the morning to wish each other a great day, and when we disagree we always sort it all out before the day ends. No going to sleep or leaving upset allowed.

Nine. Always say I love you. Always.

Ten.  Just be together. Don't overthink it, don't overplan it. Thinking is good and plans are good, but just being together and enjoying each other's company is the key to relationship happiness, at least in my book.


And just because it's adorable, here's an article about 23 husbands sharing the moment they knew they found the one. So sweet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Disqus & New Theme

This post has changed a lot throughout the day, sorry about that.

This morning I added Disqus, which is a commenting gadget a lot of other bloggers use. Unfortunately, I can't transfer all of my old comments to this new system, so that's annoying- but I'm working on it. Just kinda burnt out on the whole technology thing for the day. Overall, this new commenting thing will make it easier for me to track replies to comments, and for you (if you have Disqus) to see if I reply to you! It's great, really. I promise.

Also, I made a new theme/look for The Happy Chalkboard! The first theme was always going to be temporary, and the business was starting to drive me insane. So now over here at THC we have a white background, various shades of pink daisies, a header, and an updated button!

If you have my button on your blog from before and you like that one, by all means keep it! But if you want the new one the code is to the left.

If anyone is interested, I made my background, header, and button using PicMonkey, which is a free image editing website. It was super easy and I highly recommend it if you need to change up your blog's look.

That's all! Happy Wednesday!

Way Back Wednesday

Hi there. We all use social media, yeah? Well, recently I've learned that the Sammy I was a few years ago was a really awkward and embarrassing person sometimes. If you have the app Timehop, you've probably had these same feelings about your younger self, too. So, for your enjoyment and my hilarious memory sharing... here are the social media posts (via Timehop) I shared in history...yikes.

Today I'm linking up with Kim from Savvy Southern Style , and Ducks in a Row. I looked at a few other links from their blog hops and  Lou Lou Girls Summer Bucket List was so cute!


I don't even know what this is supposed to mean. I did work in an airport for the last two summers, but I don't remember the carpet there being weird?


Apparently July 15th wasn't a popular day in my social media world the last two or three years, but four years ago I felt it was super important to share with the world (three times) that I was on Skype... hey, did you catch that? I'm on Skype... gosh. I don't even known who I was Skyping four years ago.

Until what, Sammy? Oh, right... no details. Gosh.


I was just talking to a co-worker about this! Does anyone else remember when Facebook was just like 'your name' really small and your status was right next to it so if you wrote (obnoxiously) in the third person like I did above then it would read as a continuous line, Sammy is going to have a -great- day! Don't miss those hyphens for emphasis *insert eye roll*

Ahhh, the whole day rundown, because everyone wants to weigh in on my life decisions as a fifteen year old. Also, crawdads are basically mini lobster things that we caught a ton of that day and actually ate. I remember we had my aunt's foreign exchange student from Lebanon with us that year and when we were eating crawdads (which was weird enough) and I ate a piece of the outside gross part and so I spit it out into a napkin. Anyway, the foreign exchange student got really confused because I guess where he was from if women ate something disgusting (and he said anything) they had to swallow it. That was so strange to me. And I remember telling him that that was dumb, and that if there was something gross in my mouth there was no way I would swallow it.
Looking back on it, I guess I didn't realize why women would have to do that, now I guess it could be something that's expected of women there, culturally (which is still so not cool!), but we never did learn much about where he was from.
And again, no idea what this is supposed to mean... who's missing? Oh goodness.
Well, that's all I posted on July 2015 throughout the years! What'd you post? Share!