Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Coffee Date

Hey there! Anyone who knows me at all, knows I love coffee (blended white mocha with caramel please...) And since I've been slightly MIA from the blogging world over the past week, I figured I'd take you all on a quick virtual coffee date and catch you up on everything that's happened. It's really only been five days, but I feel like it's been so much longer.

Seasonally inaccurate coffee picture!

If we went on a real coffee date it'd have to be somewhere that had plenty of tables and comfy chairs to sit down in for the long haul. I love coffee shop music playlists, so this one would have to meet my unnecessarily high standards.

I'd tell you about leaving my job (contracted position) and how I'm happy, yet also a little sad to know I'll never be an RA again. I'd tell you about how strange it was to pack up my dorm room and how I have literally no idea how  fit all of the stuff I had to bring home in that sardine can of a room...

I'd talk to you about my last night at school and how fun it was making apple crisp and watching Friends at Ry's new house. I'd talk about how sad I am to not see him everyday, and probably mention how many times I've cried since being 'back home'...

We'd talk about my new job working in the grill by the pool and how I'm still not caught up to speed on how everything works around there, but I think it'll be fun once I'm fully trained. I'd tell you about how many hours I'm working the first two weeks and how I'm bummed to have to work weekends. BUT that I have July 1st off, which is the day I get the keys to my new house for next year. I'd share details of the mini trip I'm planning to move all of my school stuff back and go to dinner with Ry. Fourteen days and counting!

And lastly, I'd fill you in on my student teaching placement and how this morning (before coming to this coffee date) I received an email from my principal telling me that I'm placed with two co-teachers in the fifth grade for the fall and winter. I'd probably talk really fast out of excitement because oh my goodness fifth grade! And then I'd calm down and start talking about possible lesson plan ideas.

That's probably how a coffee date with me would go. What would you have to say? What's new in your life?




  1. Sounds like you've been BUSY! And it sounds good overall, aside from missing Ry. So great you get to see him in two weeks!

    1. Ridiculously busy. The past two mornings have been calm enough to think! I'm excited too! :) Thank you for stopping in!