Thursday, June 25, 2015

Recent Purchases

Well, I wholeheartedly intended not to buy anything this month. Nothing. Zilch. But, I also need professional clothes for student teaching (lets pretend all of these purchases are super professional, k? Okay.)

1. Forever 21 

Not usually a store that I shop at, but... I did. Also, now that I'm home I can't find the actual items I purchased online, but these images the closest.

The white button up I purchased didn't have a pocket, but the rest of the fit was very similar, and the chiffon tee I purchased (pictured above) was a solid red with a pocket and an eyelet close back. So, enjoy these also adorable similars! (that know I also want to buy...)

White Classic Button Up - on sale for $10 // similar
Chiffon Tee - also on sale for $10 // similar // similar

2. Ross

I love Ross! Love, I tell ya. I went in there for a few minutes to look through their nicer clothes incase I saw anything and found a pair of black slacks and this blue & block colorblock style chiffon top, similar to the one above.
Black slacks - $12
Blue and black color block top - $10


3. American Eagle

If American Eagle had more professional clothing I would live in that store. But, sadly they don't. Still, I had to buy black work shorts and I love their shorts so I went in there anyway. And, they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale, so I bought some black midis and some denim shorties because SALE!
Black twill midi shorts - $25 [$12.50 on sale] // here 
Denim shortie - $35 // here
I was also looking into getting a swimsuit from American Eagle that was pink and white striped with navy border and navy bottoms, but they sold out. And I got really sad. So, no new swimsuit for me.
Total Spent: $120 or so. Including discounts.
I'm not too happy that I spent money this month, but at least most of my purchases were work related... and I do love those denim shorts... Please yell at me if I buy anything else that's unrelated to work this summer. And excuse me while I go empty my closet of things I don't wear anymore.


  1. I can't resist buy one get one 50% off! That would just be irresponsible. :) And you got some really cute work pieces!

  2. i love those color blocked shirts, so cute!