Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Praying For Your Relationship

I think that praying for your relationship is important, and when I first got into blogging I found this post on Pinterest by Mary over at Eat, Drink, & Be Mary about verses to pray for your relationship. I think that these verses are wonderful, and have the post saved on my desktop to access whenever I need or want to.

Mary talks about verses on loving each other and others, being slow to anger, forgiveness, encouragement, commitment, your future together, and a lot of other things that verses within these categories can also cover.
I think it's important to pray for your relationship so that you can not only grow closer to God alone, but so that you can remember the focus of your relationship is ultimately, God.
One of my favorite parts of this post is a comment that Mary made when replying to another reader saying, "...The only way to love deeply is to love God first and to ask Him to help you love your s.o. the way you should." I wholeheartedly believe this is true, and it reminds me of a note I found in the bottom of my Bible once that says true love comes from God, and it something that cannot be recreated by humans alone. In order to love, we need God.


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