Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pins, Pins, Pins!

Sorry for the late post today, it's been a rough week. I can't promise I'll have anything new for the rest of the week either. Wrapping up this term! Buuuut, about a month ago (has it really been a whole month?!) I shared some of my then-latest pins on Pinterest. We here at The Happy Chalkboard (meaning myself...) are back with more pins!

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but I never ever ever consider it time wasted. Pinterest, for me, is an investment in planning for my future. I've probably got enough inspiration in these boards to decorate three homes, plan a million weddings, and have twenty-seven closets. Life goals, folks.

So, without any more rambling from myself... my latests pins.

1. The Dream Home (more pins found here)

These. Oh my goodness. Available for $12.99 from World Market this adorable aqua Mason jar is actually measuring cups. And I'm in love with these measuring cups. Probably the strangest thing to be in love with... I just love that they're useful and decorative all at the same time!
And again, in love I tell ya! This mudroom belongs to Freckles Chick and is everything I want in a mudroom/entryway. No words (or at least ones that wouldn't be excessive rambling compliments...) Original post over at Freckles Chick, found here.
This kitchen is my dream kitchen. I love the olive green granite-topped island, the dark wood floors, the white cupboards... can I move here? Found over at Hometalk, this kitchen is my kitchen goal. If those exist, anyway. Heck, even if they don't!

2. Future Teacher (more pins found here)

This board wasn't included in my original post, but I've decided to add it this time because I've been pinning and posting and thinking about teaching a lot with student teaching just around the corner. (Side note: I visited the school I'm placed at today and fell in love! [Side side note: I've been saying that I'm falling in love with everything in this post today... I'll stop now, promise])

[no image]

Sad face. =(
Images from A Year of Many Firsts aren't sharable, which is fine... but also makes me sad. This classroom is beautiful, classroom inspiration at its most drool-worthy. If classrooms make you as happy as they make me, go look at this one.

Awww! These pitchers with attached notes reading 'Thank for always 'pitching' in" would be the greatest volunteer gifts. The alphabet ribbon is adorable as well. Full post available here, at Life is What You Make it.
This brilliant visual comes from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. A visual for how student desks should look! I don't know why I've never seen this before. A great idea! Original post and even more great ideas located here.

3. Apartment/Dorm/College (more pins)

Isn't this just the best desk/command center setup? Full instructions and information found at 11 Magnolia Lane (which is also a great name for a blog...)
Found at Pinterest, shared by the daydream princess on Tumblr, this grad cap has a headband sewn in. I remember during high school grad my cap kept falling off my head, supposedly this stops that. Definitely going to try this next spring when I graduate from college.
Inspiration for the rustic wood headboard I'm going to build this summer with my dad for my next-year house. I like that this one looks simple, but definitely finishes off the bed and contrasts so well with both the wall color and the white bedding.

4. The Beginning of a We (secret board, sorry- no extra pins for this one!)

All of the pictures from this fall wedding shared by Kyle Michelle Weddings are beautiful! I especially love this dessert table and the burlap sign. If I were to have a fall wedding, I would love for it to look this great. I can just picture my family baking and sharing desserts. So cute!
I don't want to do a first look at my own wedding (someday) but I do want to pray together one last time as an engaged couple. I think that pictures like these in this Buzzfeed article are some of the sweetest wedding pictures ever. I also want to pray with everyone attending my wedding during the ceremony, and with just my future husband after the wedding pre-pictures and reception so that the first thing we do together alone as a married couple is pray.
The side of me that craves symmetry is sad that these aren't perfect rectangles, but I like the rustic wood, fancy white script, linens, background, and chairs. So that makes up for it. A lot of cute ideas for chair signage and decorations over at The Bridal Detective.
So that's that!
You made it through some of my most recent pins. What do you think? Which were your favorites? What have you been pinning about lately?
Disclaimer: All images found in this post belong to their respective owners, all original posts have been linked back to if available to share. If an image on this post belongs to you and you'd like for it to be removed, please let me know and I will gladly do so. Additionally, if information shared is incorrect, please let me know that as well.


  1. That's probably my dream kitchen too! So gorgeous! I've seen that mason jar measuring cup stack in person a bunch of times since I live a couple blocks from a Cost Plus, so cute! I have some owl measuring cups that nest inside of each other from there, but I just use them as decorations. :) Pretty sure I pinned that fall wedding a while back (we're getting married in the fall!). My wedding boards are private too. First because I didn't want anyone to assume we were engaged when we weren't, and then because I didn't want to clog anyone's feed with all my pinning!

    1. Owl measuring cups sound so so cute! And that wedding is beautiful- not that I have a wedding to plan yet, but it makes me want a fall wedding so much! Also, my wedding board is private for the same reasons... one, I'm not even engaged, and two, I don't want to irritate the whole world with the amount of wedding pinning I do. Also, they could steal my favorite ideas... and that wouldn't be fun.