Thursday, June 4, 2015

Latest Purchases $$$

Oh May... apparently the month when I buy all the things. Yikes. I did some really boring number crunching and was able to find that almost 40% of my spending this month wasn't completely necessary, which makes me really sad. Goal for June: 15%. We'll see how that goes.

Buuuut, I did buy some great things! So lets look at that. Positives.

  1. Loveology - At first the idea seemed really scary to me. I didn't want to read a book about marriage, love, and sex... no. Those are all topics that are awkward and uncomfortable to read about, right? Wrong. So many people are recommending this book, and I'm excited to read it too.
  2. Food Flask - I already wrote a post about this miracle, here. But, if you don't have one of these - buy it. Best thing I bought in all of May. Or possibly ever.
  3. Meredith Top from Catch Bliss - This shirt is beautifullll. I have never spent a lot of money on basic shirts, but the material of this is heavier, the lavender color is so pretty, and I just love it. Even if it is striped. Excited to wear this one.
  4. A basic black maxi dress - because it was from Marshalls and I have no idea how I survived my entire life without one.
  5. Two dresses from American Eagle here and here, and two pair of shorts here and here. American Eagle, probably owns all of my money. I bought these things, even though I really didn't need to, because I needed work shorts, more shorts for summer, and I love tee shirt dresses lately. The blue one I've worn and loved, the red one I might end up returning. We'll see.
  6. Toms. Plain black Toms. Because I didn't have those either.

What have you bought in May?


  1. Oh man I bought way too much in May too! Need to curb my spending this month and in July. You can't go wrong with a black maxi and black TOMS though. Those dresses and shorts are super cute! I especially love the cobalt blue dress...that's a color I'm drawn to.

    1. Hopefully I don't end up buying much this summer, but we'll see. I love the blue dress, it's super great. I bought it mainly because I don't wear much blue, and now I want everything that's blue... haha