Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday... [RUNNING!]

In high school, I ran every day. Or at least was physically active somehow everyday. I played basketball year round, played varsity basketball during the regular season, and ran track and feild every year. I loved to run. I lived for running.
And then I graduated.
After I graduated, I went to college and took one PE class that required me to run three times a week, and after that I stopped. I went on a handful of runs over the last three years. Not only did that make me sad emotionally (remember Sammy, you loved to run!) but my body is not the healthiest it could be and that's not cool.
So, I've decided that on my later start days for work I'm running. Hold me to that, folks. I don't really know how it started, but when I was running I kept referring (in my mind... because nobody was home and I don't talk to myself of course...ha) to this run as my 'first run back'. I don't know what I'm coming 'back' from, but that's what I kept saying, so... that's what it is.
So here's Five Thoughts I Had on My 'First Run Back'!

1. Cute shoes.

I used to try to bribe myself to run with workout clothes and shoes. Did that work? Nahhh. But, now I have Nike shoes and running clothes that are basically brand new to run in this summer, and when I go back to school and live super close to the new track. Motivation right there.
Nike Pegasus 30 // $89.99 at Footlocker.

2. This shirt is incredible.

Awkward hands. I bought this shirt over a year ago from the Nike store, and it matches my shoes perfectly. But now nobody has them! And that stinks because it's super comfortable and lightweight. There's a similar version on Amazon here, but they don't have this color anymore. Sad day. I will definitely be buying a similar style if Nike has one though.
Nike Dri Fit Miler Tank // $25- $38 on Amazon.
Similar // Niek Tailwind Neon Slub Tank // $45 from Nike

3. I missed running.

That mirror is filthy, I know. But, the main thing I gathered from being back to running isn't that mirror selfies are weird especially if your mirror is dirty. It was that I genuinely with my whole heart missed running and I'm so sad I haven't been doing it this whole time. So sad. But, we're gonna change that! Overall goal is better health, and to be happy and running again.
Also, yes I realize I have a weird farmers tan thing going on... horseback riding in t-shirts does that I guess, who knew?

Happiness from Running - Priceless $

4. Treadmills Are AWFUL.

Since I live in a small town running outside is not a possibility. There are no gyms, either. So, we have the sketchiest treadmill ever that my parents have had since before I was born over twenty years ago. So, it's old and rickety and the buttons don't even work half the time. THAT my friends, is how I'm going to run for the rest of the summer. Yikes.
But, the treadmill really isn't the problem... all treadmills are. I think treadmills are probably worse for you, which has no scientific backup (at least not from me) I just really don't like them.
Rickety treadmill - probably free at this point.
We'd probably have to pay someone to take it FROM us. 

5. Support.

Is there anyone else out there that struggles with running as much as I do? Struggles with physical fitness and making healthy choices in general? There has to be, right? If you're out there, struggling runners, please comment here and let me know. I will root you on if you do the same for me, and maybe just maybe I'll be able to keep this up for once.
Happy Friday!


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  1. I haven't made time to run in a while, which is lame. I've been really busy and still getting a lot of walking in to get active, but I'm excited to start running again next week! Those running shoes are so cute!