Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday... [RUNNING!]

In high school, I ran every day. Or at least was physically active somehow everyday. I played basketball year round, played varsity basketball during the regular season, and ran track and feild every year. I loved to run. I lived for running.
And then I graduated.
After I graduated, I went to college and took one PE class that required me to run three times a week, and after that I stopped. I went on a handful of runs over the last three years. Not only did that make me sad emotionally (remember Sammy, you loved to run!) but my body is not the healthiest it could be and that's not cool.
So, I've decided that on my later start days for work I'm running. Hold me to that, folks. I don't really know how it started, but when I was running I kept referring (in my mind... because nobody was home and I don't talk to myself of course...ha) to this run as my 'first run back'. I don't know what I'm coming 'back' from, but that's what I kept saying, so... that's what it is.
So here's Five Thoughts I Had on My 'First Run Back'!

1. Cute shoes.

I used to try to bribe myself to run with workout clothes and shoes. Did that work? Nahhh. But, now I have Nike shoes and running clothes that are basically brand new to run in this summer, and when I go back to school and live super close to the new track. Motivation right there.
Nike Pegasus 30 // $89.99 at Footlocker.

2. This shirt is incredible.

Awkward hands. I bought this shirt over a year ago from the Nike store, and it matches my shoes perfectly. But now nobody has them! And that stinks because it's super comfortable and lightweight. There's a similar version on Amazon here, but they don't have this color anymore. Sad day. I will definitely be buying a similar style if Nike has one though.
Nike Dri Fit Miler Tank // $25- $38 on Amazon.
Similar // Niek Tailwind Neon Slub Tank // $45 from Nike

3. I missed running.

That mirror is filthy, I know. But, the main thing I gathered from being back to running isn't that mirror selfies are weird especially if your mirror is dirty. It was that I genuinely with my whole heart missed running and I'm so sad I haven't been doing it this whole time. So sad. But, we're gonna change that! Overall goal is better health, and to be happy and running again.
Also, yes I realize I have a weird farmers tan thing going on... horseback riding in t-shirts does that I guess, who knew?

Happiness from Running - Priceless $

4. Treadmills Are AWFUL.

Since I live in a small town running outside is not a possibility. There are no gyms, either. So, we have the sketchiest treadmill ever that my parents have had since before I was born over twenty years ago. So, it's old and rickety and the buttons don't even work half the time. THAT my friends, is how I'm going to run for the rest of the summer. Yikes.
But, the treadmill really isn't the problem... all treadmills are. I think treadmills are probably worse for you, which has no scientific backup (at least not from me) I just really don't like them.
Rickety treadmill - probably free at this point.
We'd probably have to pay someone to take it FROM us. 

5. Support.

Is there anyone else out there that struggles with running as much as I do? Struggles with physical fitness and making healthy choices in general? There has to be, right? If you're out there, struggling runners, please comment here and let me know. I will root you on if you do the same for me, and maybe just maybe I'll be able to keep this up for once.
Happy Friday!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Recent Purchases

Well, I wholeheartedly intended not to buy anything this month. Nothing. Zilch. But, I also need professional clothes for student teaching (lets pretend all of these purchases are super professional, k? Okay.)

1. Forever 21 

Not usually a store that I shop at, but... I did. Also, now that I'm home I can't find the actual items I purchased online, but these images the closest.

The white button up I purchased didn't have a pocket, but the rest of the fit was very similar, and the chiffon tee I purchased (pictured above) was a solid red with a pocket and an eyelet close back. So, enjoy these also adorable similars! (that know I also want to buy...)

White Classic Button Up - on sale for $10 // similar
Chiffon Tee - also on sale for $10 // similar // similar

2. Ross

I love Ross! Love, I tell ya. I went in there for a few minutes to look through their nicer clothes incase I saw anything and found a pair of black slacks and this blue & block colorblock style chiffon top, similar to the one above.
Black slacks - $12
Blue and black color block top - $10


3. American Eagle

If American Eagle had more professional clothing I would live in that store. But, sadly they don't. Still, I had to buy black work shorts and I love their shorts so I went in there anyway. And, they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale, so I bought some black midis and some denim shorties because SALE!
Black twill midi shorts - $25 [$12.50 on sale] // here 
Denim shortie - $35 // here
I was also looking into getting a swimsuit from American Eagle that was pink and white striped with navy border and navy bottoms, but they sold out. And I got really sad. So, no new swimsuit for me.
Total Spent: $120 or so. Including discounts.
I'm not too happy that I spent money this month, but at least most of my purchases were work related... and I do love those denim shorts... Please yell at me if I buy anything else that's unrelated to work this summer. And excuse me while I go empty my closet of things I don't wear anymore.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday's Thoughts: Closet Cleaning

Alrighty. I don't know about you guys, but I save everything. Everything! Notes from high school, clothes from middle school, shoes I'll never wear... you name it - I've kept it. And what's terrible about that is that when I move from home to school I bring all of it. It's a problem, and it's a problem I want to solve this summer.

So, I've been spending every free chance I get cleaning out my closet. So far, I have a pretty big pile going of those middle school graphic tees and Aeropostale hoodies from 2007, and I'm feeling pretty great about it.

I'm nowhere near done, and maybe then I'll post a picture of my Mt. Everest cleanup pile, but I just needed to share what I'm up to and the excitement I have about letting things go. It's pretty great, and I encourage you to try it too if you haven't.

Also, if you've done a closet cleanup or life cleanup in general, do you have any advice? I found this post from Coffee. Clothes. Repeat. really helpful during the process, but I'm open to reading other posts as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Praying For Your Relationship

I think that praying for your relationship is important, and when I first got into blogging I found this post on Pinterest by Mary over at Eat, Drink, & Be Mary about verses to pray for your relationship. I think that these verses are wonderful, and have the post saved on my desktop to access whenever I need or want to.

Mary talks about verses on loving each other and others, being slow to anger, forgiveness, encouragement, commitment, your future together, and a lot of other things that verses within these categories can also cover.
I think it's important to pray for your relationship so that you can not only grow closer to God alone, but so that you can remember the focus of your relationship is ultimately, God.
One of my favorite parts of this post is a comment that Mary made when replying to another reader saying, "...The only way to love deeply is to love God first and to ask Him to help you love your s.o. the way you should." I wholeheartedly believe this is true, and it reminds me of a note I found in the bottom of my Bible once that says true love comes from God, and it something that cannot be recreated by humans alone. In order to love, we need God.


Monday, June 22, 2015

What's On The Chalkboard?

With summer being so busy I've realized I need to start following some sort of a blogging schedule and to start planning posts so that I don't fall behind and forget about this little space. I just know that's something I'll do, and I don't want that to happen because I love The Happy Chalkboard!

So, here's the plan. Feel free to offer suggestions and advice because I know I'm not perfect, and I know that this plan will probably change a million times as well. Below I've highlighted what my current schedule plan is, and posts from the past that reflect what I want those new posts to look like.

Monday - Weekend Recap or Faith Day

Weekend Recap to talk about the (hopefully) exciting things I do during the weekend! or a Faith Day to share what's on my heart. Monday will most likely be the day I talk about whatever I feel I need to.
Faith Is There
End of the Week Recap
Church on Sunday

Tuesday - Other Blogs or Teacher Tuesday

Other Blogs means that I'll write about another blogger's post that really touched me or made me think, or just showcased something that made me freak out and want to buy it immediately. And Teacher Tuesday to talk about Education things I've found that I love and want to incorporate into my classroom, or my current teaching adventures.
A Blurb for every Blog
Paper Books/Child Published Books
The Search for Teacher Clothes
Projects & Positivity

Wednesday - Wednesday Coffee Date

Wednesday Coffee Date because I love coffee and getting to know all of you, and sometimes you just need to sit down with a good friend, or a new friend, and talk about what's on your mind!
Wednesday Coffee Date
30 Day Goals
In 10 Years...
Dear Future Me,

Thursday - Relationship & Purchases

Not the best combination, I realize. Relationship because I love Ry, and I love that our relationship continues to grow and we do some fun stuff. And Purchases because we don't always want to hear me talk about how great my boyfriend is (even if he is pretty great) and because I buy cute stuff sometimes!
Why I Ditched the List
Latest Purchases $$$
Food Flask - Review
The Bad Day Box
5 (plus one!) Things I Started Doing Because of Him

Friday - 5 on Friday / Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop

Five on Friday (pretty self explanatory... just five random thoughts or pictures I feel like sharing) and Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop to share a post that's faith based. This post may come from earlier in the week, but I still recommend you check out the blog hop. I shared the most recent linkup below, and I'm super excited because my post was chosen as Susannah's favorite this week!
Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop
Five on Friday
Five on Friday
Five on Friday

So that's the plan, as I mentioned before, please share your thoughts!
Happy Monday!

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 on Friday

Wooo, first week of new job = done after today! Almost, technically I still work Saturday... Anyway, because I've been so busy I haven't had much time to do anything by myself... bummer. Yesterday though I was able to chill until I had to leave for work at 2. Two! So weird to work later in the day. Anyway, here's what I did with my lazy morning...

1. TLC.


I'm nowhere near my wedding/marriage days. But, I love every TLC wedding show. Four Weddings, Say Yes To The Dress, you name it! I spent a largeeee portion of my morning watching whatever came on TLC.

2. Jeff & Alyssa Bethke!

I didn't know about Jeff Bethe until Ry started talking about him. He's written some great Christian books and his daughter (Kinsley) is ADORABLE. The. Cutest. Baby. Anyway, Jeff and his wife (Alyssa) have a vlog that basically lets you follow along in their adorable life in Hawaii, even though they're originally from the PNW.

I spent the morning watching their vlog. This week, they talked about a chalkboard wall they created in the entry to their home to share verses and truths of God. Newest 'home goal' for my own house someday.

3. Catching Up On Saved Posts

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I scroll through Bloglovin' in the morning I don't have enough time to read alllll of the updates from the blogs that I follow. And I love that Bloglovin' has this save feature that lets me come back to visit those posts I didn't finish (or didn't even get to...)

One - You Can Be Fearful - Stephanie Orefice
Is there anything this woman writes that isn't beautiful?! I started reading this post before work and was so so sad that I couldn't finish it. So glad when I did. These words are so true. Read, read, read! Favorite part - "I’m finally at a place where I’m learning that God says DO NOT BE AFRAID because THINGS ARE SOMETIMES SCARY!" I mean seriously, how did I not think of this before? It's so simple, but nope... never heard it that way. Love. So much love.
Two - Favorite Trader Joe's Picks - Design Love Fest
I LOVE TRADER JOES. If you don't know what that is, I feel so so bad for you. It's basically a grocery store of awesome - good food, flowers, and the sample shack? Thank you Lord for Trader Joe's. I love this post because it recommends some things I've (surprisingly) never tried, and a few recipes to make. Always looking for simple dinners for next year. Also, a blog I don't usually read.

Three -  Second Time Chinos - Coffee. Clothes. Repeat.
I've been spending a lot of time trying to buy clothes for student teaching next yea. Anddd I've been looking into chinos! Now, I don't know if I can pull them off, and I refuse to buy things I can't wear in different settings, but if these work out I think they'd be a great professional/casual compromise piece.

4.  Stayed in my PJs until 2. Two!

And it was great. I regret nothing.

5. Looked up the website of my student teaching school

Because I want to earn everything I can about that adorable little school before I get there!

Happy Friday!

All images on this blog post belong to their respective owners, not me. Enjoy their beautiful images and let them know that you do! If these images belong to you and you would like them removed or information altered, contact me!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Things On My Mind Thursday

Things On My Mind Thursday... (TOMMT.) Yeah, I realize that's not actually a thing.

Lately, probably because of all of the changes, I've been thinking a lot about a lot. So here's a quick mashed up list of all of those things.

1. Moving to Hawaii (or anywhere...)

No detailed explanation for this one. I've never wanted to move, ever. I never have. But, I've been thinking about the possibility of it happening lately, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

2. Gardening

I had a garden last summer and I wish I would've planted one! This picture is me and an almost sunflower plant. I love sunflowers. 

3. Running

 Will someone please yell at me and tell me to go run or something! Sheesh, I've been so lazy over the last year and I just need to. Regularly.

So that's my random brain thoughts for the day. What's on your mind?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Coffee Date

Hey there! Anyone who knows me at all, knows I love coffee (blended white mocha with caramel please...) And since I've been slightly MIA from the blogging world over the past week, I figured I'd take you all on a quick virtual coffee date and catch you up on everything that's happened. It's really only been five days, but I feel like it's been so much longer.

Seasonally inaccurate coffee picture!

If we went on a real coffee date it'd have to be somewhere that had plenty of tables and comfy chairs to sit down in for the long haul. I love coffee shop music playlists, so this one would have to meet my unnecessarily high standards.

I'd tell you about leaving my job (contracted position) and how I'm happy, yet also a little sad to know I'll never be an RA again. I'd tell you about how strange it was to pack up my dorm room and how I have literally no idea how  fit all of the stuff I had to bring home in that sardine can of a room...

I'd talk to you about my last night at school and how fun it was making apple crisp and watching Friends at Ry's new house. I'd talk about how sad I am to not see him everyday, and probably mention how many times I've cried since being 'back home'...

We'd talk about my new job working in the grill by the pool and how I'm still not caught up to speed on how everything works around there, but I think it'll be fun once I'm fully trained. I'd tell you about how many hours I'm working the first two weeks and how I'm bummed to have to work weekends. BUT that I have July 1st off, which is the day I get the keys to my new house for next year. I'd share details of the mini trip I'm planning to move all of my school stuff back and go to dinner with Ry. Fourteen days and counting!

And lastly, I'd fill you in on my student teaching placement and how this morning (before coming to this coffee date) I received an email from my principal telling me that I'm placed with two co-teachers in the fifth grade for the fall and winter. I'd probably talk really fast out of excitement because oh my goodness fifth grade! And then I'd calm down and start talking about possible lesson plan ideas.

That's probably how a coffee date with me would go. What would you have to say? What's new in your life?



Friday, June 12, 2015

7 Things I Learned as an RA

Now that I'm no longer an RA, I wanted to share some things that I learned about being a Resident Assistant. Anyone who attended college has had experience talking with an RA, we're everywhere. Overall, being an RA was the most challenging and most rewarding thing I have ever done, and I highly recommend it. I've grown so much because of this job, and I know that I'll take all of the things I learned with me when I start on new opportunities.

So, here goes... seven things I learned as a Resident Assistant.

1. People often forget that you are a ________, too.

I was an RA for two years, and I don't know why but for some reason everyone thinks that being an RA is the only thing that RAs do. Nope. I've had residents who were shocked to know I was also a student. And a volunteer. And involved in campus activities. And that I had a family and friends I spent time with outside of the residence hall. And probably that I was also a person. So weird. They were also shocked to hear how much time goes into being an RA (roughly ten-fifty hours a week, depending on the week) and all of the things we have to do.

2. It's possible for someone to get mad at you over their own mistakes.

It's not fun to confront people. It's not fun to document. It's also not fun to be yelled a by a drunk resident for documenting them because they are drunk. And to be glared at for the rest of the year by those people who got into trouble because of their own actions. I learned to do my job and be as friendly as possible while doing so, how others chose to react was on them- not me.


3. There are some amazing, hard working, dedicated people out there.

Not that I didn't know this already, but seriously- my boss, my staff members both years, and my residents were some of the most incredible people I have ever met and I hope I stay in contact with them for the rest of my life. Campus Housing is an interesting field, and it takes a lot of hard working people for everything to be successful. I'm in awe of the things I saw get accomplished and the situations I saw defused because of their talents.

4. College is weird.

College students think of the strangest things to do. I don't even know how to explain that. Being an RA is just never boring. If you're expecting a boring job, don't apply.


5. Regular sleep is something I took for granted.

Long forgotten are the days when I could sleep completely through the night without wondering if someone was going to call or knock on my door at 3am. RAs use this terrible device called the duty phone so residents who are locked out or have other concerns can call at night and get assistance. This thing rings at literally any time of the night- 2 am, 4am, 5am. And the ringtone is guaranteed to be terrible. I will never, ever, hear that ringtone and not instantly panic, for as long as I live. So much lost sleep because of that thing.

6. I'm capable of much more than I ever thought.

I've developed two themed communities, helped 60+ students navigate college, hosted over forty educational programs, dealt with various incidents, learned a lot about a lot, and grown as a leader and a person in ways I never even imagined I could.

7. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

And you should too, if being an RA is something you can still do. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pins, Pins, Pins!

Sorry for the late post today, it's been a rough week. I can't promise I'll have anything new for the rest of the week either. Wrapping up this term! Buuuut, about a month ago (has it really been a whole month?!) I shared some of my then-latest pins on Pinterest. We here at The Happy Chalkboard (meaning myself...) are back with more pins!

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but I never ever ever consider it time wasted. Pinterest, for me, is an investment in planning for my future. I've probably got enough inspiration in these boards to decorate three homes, plan a million weddings, and have twenty-seven closets. Life goals, folks.

So, without any more rambling from myself... my latests pins.

1. The Dream Home (more pins found here)

These. Oh my goodness. Available for $12.99 from World Market this adorable aqua Mason jar is actually measuring cups. And I'm in love with these measuring cups. Probably the strangest thing to be in love with... I just love that they're useful and decorative all at the same time!
And again, in love I tell ya! This mudroom belongs to Freckles Chick and is everything I want in a mudroom/entryway. No words (or at least ones that wouldn't be excessive rambling compliments...) Original post over at Freckles Chick, found here.
This kitchen is my dream kitchen. I love the olive green granite-topped island, the dark wood floors, the white cupboards... can I move here? Found over at Hometalk, this kitchen is my kitchen goal. If those exist, anyway. Heck, even if they don't!

2. Future Teacher (more pins found here)

This board wasn't included in my original post, but I've decided to add it this time because I've been pinning and posting and thinking about teaching a lot with student teaching just around the corner. (Side note: I visited the school I'm placed at today and fell in love! [Side side note: I've been saying that I'm falling in love with everything in this post today... I'll stop now, promise])

[no image]

Sad face. =(
Images from A Year of Many Firsts aren't sharable, which is fine... but also makes me sad. This classroom is beautiful, classroom inspiration at its most drool-worthy. If classrooms make you as happy as they make me, go look at this one.

Awww! These pitchers with attached notes reading 'Thank for always 'pitching' in" would be the greatest volunteer gifts. The alphabet ribbon is adorable as well. Full post available here, at Life is What You Make it.
This brilliant visual comes from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. A visual for how student desks should look! I don't know why I've never seen this before. A great idea! Original post and even more great ideas located here.

3. Apartment/Dorm/College (more pins)

Isn't this just the best desk/command center setup? Full instructions and information found at 11 Magnolia Lane (which is also a great name for a blog...)
Found at Pinterest, shared by the daydream princess on Tumblr, this grad cap has a headband sewn in. I remember during high school grad my cap kept falling off my head, supposedly this stops that. Definitely going to try this next spring when I graduate from college.
Inspiration for the rustic wood headboard I'm going to build this summer with my dad for my next-year house. I like that this one looks simple, but definitely finishes off the bed and contrasts so well with both the wall color and the white bedding.

4. The Beginning of a We (secret board, sorry- no extra pins for this one!)

All of the pictures from this fall wedding shared by Kyle Michelle Weddings are beautiful! I especially love this dessert table and the burlap sign. If I were to have a fall wedding, I would love for it to look this great. I can just picture my family baking and sharing desserts. So cute!
I don't want to do a first look at my own wedding (someday) but I do want to pray together one last time as an engaged couple. I think that pictures like these in this Buzzfeed article are some of the sweetest wedding pictures ever. I also want to pray with everyone attending my wedding during the ceremony, and with just my future husband after the wedding pre-pictures and reception so that the first thing we do together alone as a married couple is pray.
The side of me that craves symmetry is sad that these aren't perfect rectangles, but I like the rustic wood, fancy white script, linens, background, and chairs. So that makes up for it. A lot of cute ideas for chair signage and decorations over at The Bridal Detective.
So that's that!
You made it through some of my most recent pins. What do you think? Which were your favorites? What have you been pinning about lately?
Disclaimer: All images found in this post belong to their respective owners, all original posts have been linked back to if available to share. If an image on this post belongs to you and you'd like for it to be removed, please let me know and I will gladly do so. Additionally, if information shared is incorrect, please let me know that as well.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Faith is There.

She Reads Truth, literally the best homepage I've ever had. Ever. Better than Google. Who needs Google when you've got an instant daily dose of Jesus. Since it's finals week, Monday of finals week to be exact, I didn't want to get too heavy with a blog post today. So, I wanted to share this thought I found from an old devotional on She Reads Truth from Hebrews.

"Faith is more than raising up your hands and praising God for when things work out the way you wanted them to. Faith steps in during those quiet moments of doubt. When it doesn’t make sense, faith is there."

Christians don't want to admit when they are struggling with their faith. But, if we were honest with ourselves and others, I think that we would find that we all struggle sometimes. We question what we believe. I think that's healthy, and that how you react when you find yourself doubting is what really matters.

This quote really spoke to me, as someone who doubts sometimes. Faith is not when you're in church with your hands raised. Faith is not thanking God for the good. Faith is the belief that even in the bad, God is up to good, and praising Him in our darkest moments. It's trusting that even when you're struggling, God is up to something. Because He's always up to something.

Faith is what pulls us out of those doubtful moments. Otherwise, we'd stay in the doubt and wouldn't believe. Faith pulls us out. When we remind ourselves of what's true and what's right, and remember all of the good things our Father has provided for us.

When life doesn't make sense, faith is what tells us it'll all be okay.

Like this post, which I intended to be a lighthearted share of thought. It's finals week, the biggest struggle of a college student's academic year, and so many things are uncertain about the next few months, and yes- I've doubted even recently. But I know that it'll all be okay, I trust with my whole heart that God will provide.

Happy Monday.

Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

Ohh Fridays... normally, Friday is my favorite day of the week. I don't have class, I get to ride, it's the weekend, and did I mention I don't have class? But this Friday is bittersweet. This is my last Friday as an RA, my last Friday living on campus, my last Friday here at school for a long time. Hmph. Still, I'm excited for summer and not being so pale and for a break from school. Here are some other things that are on my mind lately...

One. - Student Teaching Placement

I received my student teaching placement! The school is perfect and adorable and I wish I could tell you all of the things that I absolutely love about it but you probably aren't as excited about this random school as I am, and that's okay! Just know that it looks like every perfect elementary school you've seen in every movie, ever. And I'm so excited to student teach there.

Two. - Hard Times & The Right Words

My friends are going through some difficult times right now, and I'm having trouble figuring out what to say that can help them. I feel like I never ever have the right words to say to make a situation better, and I want to be able to do that. My goal is to focus on consciously asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in my days and to give me the right words to say in all situations. Because I cannot form adequate sentences on my own. No way.

Three. - The Money Struggle.

Next year is going to be a busy one for me: no job, rent, bills, student teaching, etc. I'm working this summer quite a bit to save up money for that time, buuuut I'm definitely going to need self control to make sure that I'm actually saving that money and using it wisely so that it holds me over until next June.

Four. - Relationships

The summer is going to take me at least two hours away from Ry, my friends, etc., and that makes me really sad. Of course, I'll be closer to other friends because I'll be back home, but I'm not excited about leaving my usual ones. Not a fan of change, guys. I just really hope that I'm able to have time to come visit everyone and that everything goes smoothly this summer.

Five. - Loveology.

I finished Loveology in one day. More specifically, two hours. It's such a good book and answers so many hard hitting questions without making you feel like you're being lectured at. I particularly loved the sections that talked about dealing with temptation, marriages/relationships having a goal/focus to help serve the Kingdom of God, and the parts about the difficulty of waiting for things, and the realization that God is there in the waiting with you. I highly recommend this book, for men and women alike, even though it is reallyyy pink- which apparently is an issue for some men.

So that's what's on my mind.
Happy Friday!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Latest Purchases $$$

Oh May... apparently the month when I buy all the things. Yikes. I did some really boring number crunching and was able to find that almost 40% of my spending this month wasn't completely necessary, which makes me really sad. Goal for June: 15%. We'll see how that goes.

Buuuut, I did buy some great things! So lets look at that. Positives.

  1. Loveology - At first the idea seemed really scary to me. I didn't want to read a book about marriage, love, and sex... no. Those are all topics that are awkward and uncomfortable to read about, right? Wrong. So many people are recommending this book, and I'm excited to read it too.
  2. Food Flask - I already wrote a post about this miracle, here. But, if you don't have one of these - buy it. Best thing I bought in all of May. Or possibly ever.
  3. Meredith Top from Catch Bliss - This shirt is beautifullll. I have never spent a lot of money on basic shirts, but the material of this is heavier, the lavender color is so pretty, and I just love it. Even if it is striped. Excited to wear this one.
  4. A basic black maxi dress - because it was from Marshalls and I have no idea how I survived my entire life without one.
  5. Two dresses from American Eagle here and here, and two pair of shorts here and here. American Eagle, probably owns all of my money. I bought these things, even though I really didn't need to, because I needed work shorts, more shorts for summer, and I love tee shirt dresses lately. The blue one I've worn and loved, the red one I might end up returning. We'll see.
  6. Toms. Plain black Toms. Because I didn't have those either.

What have you bought in May?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hydroflask for FOOD?!

Okay, little disclaimer, I may be partially biased because before I bought the food flask I was already obsessed with my Hydroflask. I have never ever consistently carried any water bottle with me until I got my Hydroflask as a gift. I don't understand the magic behind how it keeps water cold for literally days, but I don't need to. All I know, is that when I put ice cubes in there and leave the lid shut- there are ice cubes the next morning, and if that's not magic I don't know what is.
So, when I heard there was a food flask I absolutely had to get it. And I did. I ordered mine from Backcountry because they had a discount (sorry, they don't now...) and it got here a few days ago. Since then, I can't stop thinking about what to put in there. Slight downfall, the food flask doesn't keep things cold/hot as long as the hydro, but so far I've noticed twice that ice cream stays looking like ice cream for more than three hours with me constantly opening and closing the container to eat it, so I'm fine with that. (And yes, I will definitely be bringing ice cream with me all over the place now because of this thing) I chose to buy the 12oz, but it also comes in a 17oz size which I may also buy.
I'm super excited about my food flask because next year I won't be home throughout the day like I have been throughout the last three years of college, and having this little container to keep my breakfasts, lunches, or snacks cold/warm will definitely be a life saver. Hopefully I can think of some healthier snacks to keep in there, because if I'm eating ice cream at this rate for the next year I definitely won't meet my health goals.
Have any Hydroflask products? Would you buy the food flask? Any ideas for snacks to put in there? Let me know!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

30 Day Goals

Now that June (and summer!) have officially begun, I've decided to work on some goals. I'm definitely a goal-oriented person, and love love love my checklists, so this will serve as some motivation for me to avoid the lazy summer days and instead stay active and involved.

I'm going to be super busy this summer with work, preparing for student teaching, dentist visits, horseback riding, and of course working on this pale skin of mine (tan? are you possible?) but hopefully we can knock everything off of this first list by June 30th!

In the next 30 days I will...
  1. Have my home room cleaned out and organized, getting rid of things I don't need and preparing stuff I want to take to the new house.
  2. Finish my last day as an RA with a smile!
  3. Finish my MOH gift to my best friend for her wedding!
  4. Run or do something active at least once a week
  5. Ride Ruby at least three times a week
  6. Avoid unnecessary sweets. Ice cream is not an unnecessary sweet on hot days.
  7. Post on THC at least four times a week
  8. Spend time with my brother at least once a week
  9. Start my new job off right, and work to do the best I can
  10. Start planning for student teaching.
  11. Go to the dentist. Bleh.
  12. Be positive. Positive. Positive.

If you have any summer goals, feel free to share! You can never have too many goals, and I want to know what you're striving for this month!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Highs and Lows of May

Well, I don't know about you guys but for me May feels like it FLEW by. And it's been a pretty crazy month. I don't know what it is about springtime, but I feel like everything feels ten times more stressful when it happens in the spring. Maybe that's because I've always been in school and the end of the year is a little nuts. Who knows.

I like to reflect a lot, to think about how things went and how they could've gone better, it's just what I do. I've decided something new I'm going to do here is reflect, monthly (if I remember...) about the highs and the lows I've experienced. I think it'll be good for me to see what I'm viewing as positive, and what I'm viewing as negative- and try to find the bright spots even in the gloomy days.

This might seem a little daunting, thirty days is a lottt to remember off of the top of your head. But, luckily for me I've been using a one sentence journal, found here, for over a year now to keep track of my days. Whole journal writing is a little overwhelming for me, and this once a day for five years style is much more to my liking. And it's definitely coming in handy for looking back on my days for random reasons - like this post!


  • Had an interview for my summer job (and GOT it)
  • Went golfing with friends for the first time in over a year (fun, even though  I hit a house...)
  • Checked off six months of dating with Ry
  • Went to the movies a few times (I never ever go to the movies)
  • Went hiking on a sunny day
  • Had my first orientation meeting for the Education program I'm entering next year
  • Toured and applied for theeee most beautiful house I've ever seen that I will be blessed to live in next year
  • My horse competed in her first show EVER and we didn't score lower than third place in any class. Yay!


  • Our original housing plans fell through (buuuut we found an even BETTER house)
  • Work was overall very stressful (but, I'll be done in a few short weeks, and challenges build a better person sometimes)
  • Lots of school stress as the year was winding down, but if you're reading this - I guess I survived!

If you don't keep track of the highs in your life, I really suggest you do. It's so easy to lose sight of the things you're blessed with, and having these little reminders makes it easier to overlook the negative.

What was your favorite part of May?