Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Paper Books / Child Published Books

I'm currently taking a class for future elementary educators that's all about ways to introduce writing into the classroom. Lately, we've been talking about in-classroom publishing and the different ways we can provide resources for students to 'publish' their books both with and without teacher supervision.

Books can be made from anything- a few pieces of stapled together paper or paint color samples, it's incredible really, and I'm excited to collect ideas before I enter the classroom.

One of our assignments was to search the internet for paper books that we could make/have our students make. We had to create four each ourselves and I wish I had pictures of the other books my classmates made because some of them were really creative. The four books I made are below.

1. Laminated Book

This book was made using a few pages of colored construction paper, my laminator, a hole punch, and some yarn. What I love about this book is that it looks shiny from the laminated pages and there are so many things you can do with it!

Probably my favorite thing about these laminated pages is that if you write on them with a sharpie, the words can be erased with an expo. This allows students to publish and edit as much as they want. Another option for this would be to laminate the pages with the words already printed and then allow students to draw the illustrations for the words. Illustrations could be changed endlessly. 

2. Paper Bag Book (1)

This book was super simple to make. I constructed it by cutting the bottom and sides off of a paper bag and then folding the two halves in half to form a book with a few pages inside. 

This paper bag was white and I added blue paper to cover the brand and to add some color. You could do that, or leave it blank for students to decorate themselves. I really liked how easy this book was to make, and that when it's closed it has handles to tote around.

3. Paper Book

This book was quite possibly the easiest book to make ever and I could definitely see this being utilized in any classroom. All you need is paper (colored or not) and a stapler and voilĂ - you have a book! These books could be readily available in a basket for younger students, and older students could be given the instructions and resources to make them on their own.

I like that these books can be so colorful, and students could even pick out their favorite colors or colors that go with their particular story.

 4. Paper Bag Book (2)

This book has so many possibilities! I made this book using three paper lunch sacks whole punched and attached at the middle to create pages. These little books are adorable, easily decorated, and have so many different ways to customize them it's ridiculous.

I got a little carried away working with the details on this one, but you could use different colored paper to show students which side they could illustrate and which side they could write their story, or just give them free ability to do whatever they wanted!
Possibly the best part of this book is that because it's made from a sandwich bag it still has the little openings which make the coolest little pockets to store things (leaves, pre-write notes, more illustrations, etc.) Whatever kids want to store they can stick in there (within reason) :)
What paper books have you made? What's the coolest paper book you've ever seen? Have any ideas for different materials to use? Let me know!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. I love that the last book has the built-in pockets!

    1. I know! Definitely would've been my favorite part as a student too.