Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Latest Pins

I think that most people have heard of Pinterest at least once in their life, guys included. And why shouldn't they? Pinterest is great and should be utilized whenever possible. There are so. many. times when I've found things on Pinterest I would've never thought of on my own. I'm just not that creative, people.

I most often pin clothes, food, home d├ęcor (for the home I don't even have yet), and teacher-y things. My other boards include ones dedicated solely to inspirational verses, possible gifts, my wedding... oh gosh the list just goes on and on. But, I see it as an investment in my planning future... and not a waste of time.

So, I've decided to share my most recent three posts from some of my favorite Pinterest boards- secret ones and all.

1. The Dream Home

I pin about my dream home because I've always loved comfy, rustic spaces. My ideal dream home would be a farm house styled home with lots of wood and rock accents, hardwood floors, and bright accents.

1. - I love these crates (available a Michaels, I'm told) and the idea to put extra blankets and pillows in them. This is definitely something I want to try for my apartment next year.
2. This sign is just so cute, and so true.
3. I am in LOVE with this distressed turquoise pantry door. I don't even have a pantry, let alone a pantry door, but this makes me want one.

2. The Beginning of a We

I believe with my whole heart that God will bring two people together if it will benefit His Kingdom and his plan for both their lives and the overall greater good. I believe that marriage is a million more times important than a wedding, but that a wedding is also an incredible opportunity to share what the focus of your relationship is. And in my case, that focus will be God.

1. I think giving a watch to your groom the morning of the wedding would be adorable!
2. I don't usually pin rings, because I'll be 100% happy with whatever ring I'm blessed with, but I think this is gorgeous. Only downside (and 99% of people would probably disagree with me) is that I think the diamond is wayyy too big. I have tiny hands, and so I'd much prefer something smaller.
3. I love this outdoor setup, and the square tables. So cute.

3. God is Love

Any thing and everything God honoring goes in this board- verses, thoughts, resources- you name it!
1. I shared about them earlier, but I'm really enjoying reading the She Reads Truth devotionals every morning.
2. Love this. Bible verses are beautiful.
3. Also love this, nobody is perfect- but we're still loved.

4. If in Doubt, Run.

I used to say this a lot, especially when I was in high school and running. But, this board is for anything and everything athletic. Usually clothes and shoes. Hopefully someday I'll have a schedule normal enough to allow me to get back into running, because I really do love it when I'm in a routine.
1. Nike hoodies! Oh my goodness there are never enough hoodies in the world.
2. I love Nike running shoes, and I love the mint color. Sooo, if I could find these-  I would buy them.
3. Running tights are wonderful. If it was socially acceptable I would live in them.

5. Apartment/Dorm/College

Not to be confused with my earlier 'Dream Home' board, this board is strictly dedicated to things that will make my college life easier. Lately these pins have been geared toward inspiration for the place I'll be renting next year. Keep watch for these DIYs over the next few months.

1. This wood headboard looks so simple to do, and I'm positive my dad has enough wood around to help me figure it out in an afternoon. Definitely something I'm going to be looking into over the summer.
2. This desk/vanity space is ADORABLE. All three of these pictures sum up what I want my space to look like next year, but if nothing else I definitely want this.
3. I love this pallet bookshelf, another thing my dad and I could definitely get done in an afternoon. And again with that color. I'm in love.

6. Hair, Clothes, & The Like

Last, but not least, clothes! I've spent a lot of time thinking about my clothing options for next year, and this board is starting to reflect that. I'm going to be dressing professionally more often for student teaching, so I'm looking into buying things that can be both dressed up (for teaching) and dressed down (for other parts of life)
1. That tank top & those sandals. I want them both so much! So far, I haven't been able to find them. Anywhere. So if you see them around, let a girl know!
2. I love this polka dot shirt, and that the handbag and belt match.
3. This is my life in t-shirt form. Trying to decide if I should buy this one.

So that's what has been going on in my Pinterest world. What are your favorite pins lately? What board are you most proud of? If you post a similar post, let me know!



  1. I did some Pinterest round-ups yesterday, but I'm loving how you formatted yours by choosing the last 3 from various boards. Cool idea! I may have to do that in the future. And that distressed turquoise door is perfection...if only I had a house and not a teeny apartment!

    I'm actually with you on rings! I even have big hands, and I just wanted a plain and simple ring. We got a very small diamond (mostly because our budget was smaller, some day I may get a bigger one put in) but I wouldn't go a whooole lot bigger.

    1. Hey Mattie! Thanks! You should definitely do it in the future, it was an easy process and I had fun with it. And oh my goodness that door has been on my mind since I saw it! I don't know if house fever is a thing, like baby fever, but if it is- I have it.

      I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one with that opinion about rings! Plain and simple is my goal, eventually. :)

  2. I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest and as you said, guys are totally aware of Pinterest because every time I get on, my husband rolls his eyes at me! Haha. I absolutely love how you did this blog post & your fashion taste is just like mine! I am definitely going to have to try to do a Pinterest (Latest Pins) blog post soon! ❤️

    1. Haha, my boyfriend does the exact same thing! I swear, when he knows I have down time in my day he doesn't even ask what I'm doing anymore. And thank you so much! I'll be looking for your post! :)

  3. That headboard on that bed!! My goodness I wish I could have that!!

    1. Me too, isn't it great?! I'm looking into making one like it over the summer. If I do end up doing it, I'll definitely write about it. Thank you for visiting!