Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fixing A Bad Day


How to turn a terrible, no good, very bad day- into a great one.

Yesterday, I posted my Bad Day Box for my boyfriend, which got me thinking about what cheers me up on my own bad days. I'm not naïve enough to think that every day of my life is going to be full of sunshine and roses, but I do like to believe that every day should be a good one. Which means that for me, when bad things happen and throw off my day, I'm not a very happy camper. So, when those little obstacles come up- here's what I do to fight the terrible day blues and fix a bad day.

1. Buy. coffee.

This might seem silly, and it's probably not the smartest decision, but having caffeine in my system somehow allows me to deal a little bit more. It might just be that I'm more alert and can think better to solve problems, but either way I'm convinced caffeine is a miracle worker. So, grab a cup of coffee, or iced tea, or whatever your favorite caffeinated beverage is.

2. Talk it out.

Nothing makes me feel better than calling up my parents on the phone to vent about what's going on or talking to Ry about it all. The people that you love know you, and they know how you react to situations. For me, if I tell them what's going on they know whether they should listen and tell me everything will be alright, or offer advice. So far, this method has never let me down. Reach out for support when you need it, nobody can do everything on their own all the time. Even me. (Shocking, I know...)

3. Do something you enjoy, for you!

Back in the day, I would go for a run and forget about every bad thing that had happened. Nowadays, I'm more likely to choose Netflix or Pinterest to divert my attention from whatever else is on my mind. Nothing like some silly tv or a whole lot of future planning to distract the mind, I tell ya.

4. Get to work!

Depending on the situation, getting to work will always look differently. Sometimes, I'm stressed and I just need to focus on getting things off of my checklist and accomplished. Other times, I really need to focus on what I'm going to say to someone and to process that myself first. Others, I just need to keep it together and wait the situation out. But, there's always something that has to be done- so figuring out what that is, and doing it, always helps. And if I find that there really is nothing that I can do, or nothing I know I should do, then praying about it always helps me to see things clearer.

5. Make a pros and cons list.

I've found that no matter how bad a day is, there's always more good than bad in life. So, when things are getting really terrible I make a list. On one side I write out allll of the wonderful things that I've been blessed with, big and small, and on the other side I list the (much fewer) bad things I'm facing. It really helps to put things into perspective and makes me appreciate the little happy moments even amongst the bad.
What do you do on a bad day?

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  1. Love this! I can totally get behind coffee as a pick-me-up, but I think for me it's more about being a treat than the caffeine. I can also agree with all the others!