Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday!

I'm new to this whole 'Five on Friday' concept, but literally every single one of my favorite bloggers are doing this little diddy week after week and I wanted to join in on the fun! So, here's my first (probably of many) Five on Friday post! I grabbed these questions from Katie's post, and loved the simple format.  Note my favorite blue vest and blue flannel (which you can't see because of my hair... but it's great I promise) that are from my favorite boutique that I talk about a little later.

Five movies I would/have watched more than once:
- The Prince & Me, princes AND farms? Count me in!
- Just Go With It - So funny. Anything with Adam Sandler, really.
- Toy Story - Awww. Just my favorite.
- A Cinderella Story - Her name is Sam, my name is Sam...
- Elf  - The best Christmas movie, ever.

Five books I would recommend:
- The Longest Ride - Again, cowboys. And love stories.
- Big God - Really easy read that opened my eyes.
- The Bible - For obvious reasons.
- A Walk to Remember - I cried so much. So much.
-The Fault in Our Stars - I also cried at this. I promise I don't just love sad books.

Five places I've visited (and favorite part):
-Seattle - Space Needle
-Disneyland - It was a surprise trip1
-Oahu - All of my favorite people were there!
-Las Vegas - The strip.
-Oregon. All of it. 

Five places I'd rather be right now:
-Riding my horse - It's been a few weeks :(
-Watching a movie with Ry - I love that boy
-Home - 8 more days.
-Somewhere sunny - This PNW weather is getting to me!
-In a cabin, by a fire, sipping hot chocolate. Which is a contrast to that last one.

Five favorite foods:
Hot dogs ( I know, it's weird)
Ice cream - any flavor, any time.
Raspberries - not fair that they're the most expensive fruit ever.
Peach flavored anything
Homemade blackberry pie

Five TV shows I watch:
-Heartland, Canadian horse farm tv show.
-Switched at Birth - Soooo good.
-Friends! - I've probably seen all of them with Ry.
-Say Yes to the Dress... it's a good show, okay!
-Anything on the Food Network - mainly when I'm hangry.

Five things I'm looking forward to this year:
-Seeing how my relationship with God grows
-Seeing how my relationship with Ry grows
-Entering the Education program, for reals!
-Looking for my first real job.
-Oh, and my best friend's wedding!!! (sorry, that was six)

Five things I say all the time:
-You know what I mean?
-You're a goon
-I love you
-Are you okay?
-I'm hungry.

Five favorite things I own:
-Anything I bought at my favorite boutique
-My Excursion
-My horse, Ruby
-My smash book!
-My pictures
Verse on the heart, complimented by the sunset tonight. Seriously guys, this day was sooo cloudy and gross and then whammo- beautiful evening, right as I start working. Hmph. But, that's the PNW for ya... How was your Friday? Did you do anything fun?
Also, today I made a button! Grab one from the side bar if you want! :)


  1. Ice cream was one of my Friday Favorites too! :) I'm from Oregon and currently live in Seattle! Where do you go to school?? Cinderella Story and Elf are probably two of my most repeated movies. And I love Friends--I've seen them all multiple times, and I'm currently watching it pretty much every night before bed.

    1. In my honest opinion, ice cream should be a food group. haha. I go to school in the Salem area right now. And oh gosh, Friends! It's probably the only show I watch nowadays.